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labeled a "drug-abuser" on med records…have fibro
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This is a great site for anyone suffering from Chronic Pain or has a Family member or Friend who suffers. A place where you can tell your story, find others with similar conditions or pain, help someone in need, read up on the latest Chronic Pain treatments or simply sit for a while. Chronic Pain as we all know can be debilitating and relentless. It is not prejudice in any way, shape, or form. It can strike without warning and stay for life. The Chronic Pain Couch is a place designed for your comfort, and please note.. You don't have to suffer from chronic Pain to be a part of this community, we offer a variety of other topics as well. I truly hope that you will come and join us. And remember, there is never a need to worry whether or not your post has been read, a member or myself (Molly) are generally available to read and respond to all posts that come our way...... We are always here for you. Together We CAN Make A Difference in each others lives and how we manage day to day in coping with our relentless pain. Warmest regards, Mollyrae, founder of The Chronic Pain Couch.

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labeled a "drug-abuser" on med records…have fibro

Long story short, I've been unhappy w/ my dr office for quite some time.  I have fibro and have seen him for several years.  I was building a tolerance to my pain meds, so sought out a pain management multidisciplinary dr's office who put me on suboxone for pain control/help detoxing off opiates for opiate dependence, not addiction.  During that time (2 years) I decided to see a different PCP who didn't prescribe pain meds (like my original dr did).  During that time, I didn't see my original dr, just saw my suboxone dr and counsellors and the new PCP.

Fast forward, I wanted off suboxone and my suboxone dr disagreed, thought I needed to stay on the meds, even though I was having horrible side effects.  I tapered myself from 32mg a day down to .25 in several months on my own because my new PCP told me just to follow the suboxone dr's instructions and NOT get off of it…I couldn't believe it, you'd think she'd be thrilled I wanted to try to be off all meds!  So, I found myself back at my original PCP (whom used to prescribe my pain meds and treat me before my suboxone treatment)…told him what was going on the past 2 years, told him I tapered against my dr's wishes, and I needed help "jumping" off the suboxone….for those who aren't familiar w/ Suboxone, it has a very long half-life and withdrawals can last a month, which in my case lasted 40 days!  Thank god for my dr, he gave me some comfort meds to help.

Fast forward again, was off everything for awhile and couldn't deal with the pain anymore…my immune system was out of control.  Well, my state started a prescription monitoring program, and my dr confronted me about seeing my other PCP during the time I was on Suboxone…btw I NEVER got meds filled from this dr during that time.  I switched back to him because the female dr wasnt willing to help me get off the subs and wasn't supportive of my decision.  So I was prescribed a sleep medication, which I was unaware at the time was a controlled substance.  I had a 5 day overlap from when I switched dr's and had my sleep medicine refilled…so I got my medicine filled on the 3rd from my female dr and then got my new prescription from my male dr whom I asked to take over my care again on the 28th.  He said he looked up my meds on the prescription monitoring program and was able to see this happened a year ago and was very upset with me…he acted like I did this on purpose!!!  First, I never knew it was a scheduled drug because they always just called in the prescription…I NEVER abused this medication…so this is my situation, my dr is upset that I saw a different dr during that time and put all over every single page of my medical records "drug-abuser"….this is detrimental to me because I am unable to cope with my pain without medications.  And believe me, my goal was to live drug-free and do everything natural possible to take care of myself.  Every alternative treatment, saw naturopaths, got injections, took tons of meds like Lyrica, Savella, Neurotin, amatriptalene, noratripiline, NSAIDS (which caused liver inflammation recently), physical and massage therapy, acupuncture, special diets/nutritionists, counseling, etc etc etc…Now, I have these electronic records that will forever haunt me and I'm not sure what to do.  I want to switch to a dr who can help me, who believes my pain and sleep issues are real and not treat me like a nut…he wants me off all meds and says I need to learn how to deal with the pain.  I think I'm too much of a complicated, high-maintenance patient and he's sick of dealing with me.  He's offered NO referrals over the years and now is cutting me off meds and has no answers to help me.  I'm at a loss.  My issue is that I'm scared to find a new dr because I don't want to seem like a "dr shopper"…every dr will now see I have "drug-abuse" labeled on my records…and I NEVER abused SLEEP MEDICATION!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER.  I don't know what to do.  How should I fix this?  If I see a new dr, the first thing they will see is that on my records and probably won't even listen to a word I say.  I'm in such debilitating pain I can't work, can't even consider having children, can't make the bed or do dishes, make dinner, exercise like I used to do every day before this diagnosis…and I'm sick of drs saying "take aleve and tylenol and go swimming"….Like really, do you think I haven't tried that in the last 9 years!!!! I'm not a moron, I DO try and push myself and all it does is aggrevate things.  I just want some quality of life.  I want to have my own business, travel, see friends and not cancel constantly on them, be a good wife, go to the movies, do chores without being absolutely miserable.  Now, my future relationships with a new dr is compromised due to this label.  Over the last 9 years, NOT ONCE did I have trouble w/ my meds….not once a failed UA, not once a problem w any dr…I feel like this dr has a vendetta against me…was jealous I didn't continue seeing him and now he wants me to pay.  I know that sounds paranoid but there's other weird things that have happened lately that gives me this impression.  I feel like I have a jealous ex that doesn't want to let go and is trying to make my life miserable.  I feel like the only option I have at this time is to continue to see him, because he has a "hold over me"….keeping a certain medication over my head…now I'm scared if I try to find a new dr that he will ruin it for me…so sorry for rambling and I'm sure I've left stuff out but I could use some suggestions.  What should I do if I see a new dr?  How do you amend your records and how does that work, especially I don't want to cause a fight w/ this dr because I'm on very thin ice at this point.  What's even crazier, if he thought I was abusing this sleeping med, why would he continue to prescribe it for me for the last year after this "incident'??? Makes no sense.

Anyways, if anyone else had similar experiences or has some suggestions on what a chronic pain patient in her 30's should do I'd greatly appreciate it.  I need to know how to move on from this.  I need better care, I need someone who cares about me, does blood work and testing when need be (which he never does), who believes my pain is real, who doesn't believe I'm a DRUG ABUSER!!!

I feel like I'm stuck now….nowhere to turn and with the strict rules in my state I'm scared nobody will take care of me.  I'm scared, disheartened, my life is a mess, can barely get out of bed and I don't know where to turn.  Please help.

Hi and welcome to the chronic pain couch.  I am so very disheartened to hear of your struggles with pain and of what the doctor has done to your medical records.  

As long as you do not get any prescription medications from the new doctors that you visit, he cannot track your movements.  So my best advice to you is to start making appointments to see other primary care physicians and/or pain management physicians.  You need to be very upfront and honest with them and tell them your side of the story just as you have explained it on this forum before they see "drug abuser" in your medical records.  

There have been many on MedHelp that have done this and have been given a second chance.  Once you find a doctor that is willing to accept you as a patient and prescribe your sleep medication and perhaps some pain medication as well, you need to notify your current doctor in writing that you are releasing yourself from his care to the care of another doctor.  This protects you against any risk of doctor shopping on your medical record.  

It is OK to see other doctors and get second opinions but you are only allowed to get medication from ONE doctor.  So once you find your new doctor, you need to send a "notice to quit" to your current doctor and keep a copy for your records.  It might be advantageous to get the letter notarized before sending it to him for more formally regarding the date of the notice to quit.

All you can do is get out there, make some appointments, explain what happened, and see what the doctor says.  If the first doctor refuses to treat you, go on to the next, and the next until you find one that is understanding, compassionate, and willing to give you a second chance.

If you ever have surgery, be sure to prearrange pain control before having surgery.  You need to get an OK from your doctor (in writing) for another doctor to treat your acute pain post-op or make sure your primary doctor prescribes additional post-op meds ahead of time.  Many have gotten in trouble from accepting post-op meds from another doctor without prearranging and notifying the current/primary doctor.  

Always make sure when you accept a prescription from any doctor (controlled or not) that the other doctor is informed and okay with it if it is temporary or that the other doctor is notified that you are switching doctors and will not be receiving meds from him/her anymore.  

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.  The worst they can say is no and in that case, just pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and go on to the next doctor.  I am confident you will eventually find a doctor that will give you a second chance as you truly did nothing wrong as you unknowingly broke the rules of the prescription drug monitoring program.  You did not willfully do this to get additional medication to abuse.  The new doctors you are going to see need to know this.  

Good luck and hang in there!

hi again: i am starting a new chronic pain thread at the cp couch (2012!) and hope to gather a group (with your help). no butt pain ?'s unless they are chronic !  HA!  anyway maybe it will help those who go to the wrong places.  come   come  come to the cp couch. we can use your input!!!!  OM
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