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new to the group
I really need people to chat with about managing all this pain
I am not a pill taker ---so I re-direct myself to alternative ways
I am currently going to start taking Coenzyme Q10 ---100 milg daily and Vit B2
I did some research and talked with the doc and its a go
I do take Noratripalin helps me sleep

Hope to have ongoing conversations with some of you
happy day
Rahe 1957
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Hello rahe and welcome to our group. We do carry ongoing conversation and can use all the energy and input ya got there neew-pain-frtiend. I am a bit weird and take getting used to and this group has been so supportive. You found the right place.
    If you will read up on the stuff that is already in these pages that will catch you up on our conversation. I mean the last 10 pages or so!! I think?
     I'll talk more with ya later---got chores to do.   Again--you are so wel;come and feerl free to post anything you want to----no judgment here-----well----when ther is i always apologize. HA!  


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today is a good day
I woke with out much pain
maybe rate it at 6
that's a better day than the past month
I find myself and I find things to distract my worries about managing my pain
I focus on today
what I can do in that day

Rahe here
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Reading your posts creates some good energy with my morning coffee. I have been treated with MANY, MANY 'solutions' and I find that the mind has a stronger tolerance to pain than any medical treatment I have received to date.
I have a history of DDD,DJD and tried all the drugs (which only doped me up but the pain was still there), surgeries (which created scar tissue and the pain is still there), steroid shots (which lead to osteoporosis), Botox injections which really helped but I need a lot of them in different areas, acupuncture (which was only a temporary fix), along with a history of physical therapy.
My experience is that I may have to live with the pain but it is not as bad as it used to be. Keeping myself physically active along with mental activity really helps keep the mind busy. The physical activity creates endorphins (can's explain right now what the endorphins do) and the mental activity creates calm and enjoyment in what I am doing. Enjoying music and the things I like the most, really gives me mental satisfaction in the days events and accomplishment in moving on to tomorrow. Yes, there are good and bad days but each day is different and this tells me that I have better control over the pain then the drugs. I am drug free now and only take muscle relaxers when I do too much. The best therapy for my pain relief is sleep. It calms the muscles down and stimulates the mental process when I wake up and the pain levels are down to a tolerable level. Amazing to see how the mind works.
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