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twenty more days............
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twenty more days............

My specialist is FINALLY in twenty days!!!!  My pain from the pap seems to have died down; or at least been replaced by ... drum roll.... you guessed it- my period!  I am on the pill! Continuously to prevent it from ever happening!  My dr had called in tramadol at least finally for me on monday, but thats it.  i told him i'm seeing a specialist for the problem now and so i guess i have to just hang in there til then....  ugh!!!!!  the tramadol was at least helpful for the day to day post exam pain i'd started but for THIS???  If i ever have to deal with this again i have no idea what I will do!  I'm convincing myself this will end soon (although I'm getting less convinced by the hour) so trying to deal best i can and focus on it being temporary and new hope in sight.  I am just praying my new dr will be able to help me.
anyhow.. just really had to vent somewhere.. there's only so much of this my husband can handle hearing i'm sure.
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Yes, our husbands don't like to hear us going on too much - largely because they want to fix everything and it frustrates them that they can't fix us!  Hope all goes well at your appointment and that you can get some relief soon.
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I am glad that you are feeling better. In my experience not all will hurt to the degree that this last one did.

Men are men, you gotta love them and excuse them. They are just made differently than we are made. What makes them tick is not what makes us tick.  

As I said pelvic exams and pelvic procedures have driven me to ER. When I had my last Pelvic Ultrasound it was a piece of cake, maybe poor choice of words! But it was not painful and I hope your nest one will not be painful either.

Thanks for the update. We'll look forward to hearing from you again.
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Down  to thirteen days!
Tomorrow I have an MRI of my pelvis.  Not excited. Pretty Nervous because it is with the dye.
Trying to live with just tramadol (all my current md will rx) and it's debilitating often (the pain is debilitating that is).  I almost feel like he had me book an mri to see how serious I am, like "you call me for drugs, I'm not sure what to believe, I'll try and call your bluff"
It could be just me being paranoid, but either way the tramadol is all i have in hand and i'm afraid to call for the refill i'll need over the weekend.
I'm taking two birth control pills a day and I am still spotting through and getting period pain - horrible low back and knees, some cramping.
I have been trying to get stretching and walking in daily hoping that will help, and it does help my mood for a time after and during and really i am just plain proud of myself for doing any of it!  But then the next morning i am so sore.  I'm trying to convince myself to get up and do a quick work out.  I was so subtly given "leslie sansone's walk away the pounds" one mile walk by my mom who is on me to lose weight like that will be my "cure" -  like i don't know or want to lose weight...
anyhow, hate to admit it but i like the dvd.  it is only like 16 minutes (yeah i watch the clock that close lol!) and it's simple, no complicated moves to learn and its nice and short!
anyhow.. that's my update.
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Hi Starladarling:

Boy, reading your story reminds me of what I went through before I had a Hysterectomy. I had terrible, debilitating periods that literally put me in bed. I had a pelvic ultrasound and it was discovered that I had multiple fibroids along with endometriosis. After the surgery the surgeon told me that it was the endo causing all of the problems, that it was pretty severe.

You sound just like I was at the time. Does the Doctor have any suspicion of what it might be? You must keep me informed. I will be very curious to learn what is causing you so many problems.

Hang in there with the Tramadol. I know it's tough sometimes. And yes, Husbands are not the most compassionate of beings. I have one of those myself. LOL.....

Like I said, keep me posted dear.

Warmest regards,
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