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Another FNA

This all started last Sept 2010 when I went in for a routine DR appt. The Dr noticed I had a lump in my neck. She did Tsh and T4 they were both normal. She sent me in for a Thyroid utrasound on Sept 13 here's the results of that one.

The right lobe 4.9 x 1.1x 1.8 cm left lobe 5.3 x2.3x2.2 cm.The isthmus measures 3mm.

A prominent 3x2 cystic nodule occuping the left lobe. 4 mm hypoechoic nodule in the isthmus and a 7mm hypoechoic nodule in the anterior lateral right lobe.

I was sent for and FNA on Sept 15,2010 the Dr aspirated all fluid out of it and scraped some calcifaction. All came back benign.

Just had another ultrasound done 8/17/2011 finding below.

Isthmus measures 3.1 mm in ap dimenson. Right lobe measures 3.9x 1.1 cm and the left lobe measures 3.2 x 1.2 cm. Within upper pole of right lobe there ia an 8 x3mm benign nodule. Normal vascularity. There is a 1.0 x 0.6 cm cystic nodule within the left lobe along with a 4x 3 mm solid appearing nodule.

This new endo only checked my TSH and it was 0.970 ranges 0.550 - 4.780
My question is should I be worried since the cyst in the left lobe is back?

Should I request all the nodules be checked she only wants to do the largest.

I noticed that the 7mm hypo-echoic nodule isn't noted is it possible it just went away or has it changed to the 8x3 cystic one.

Also whats the chance of cancer in a cystic nodule? isn't is less of a chance of a nodule being cancer if it's just a cyst?

My dad had throat cancer so I'm kind of worried. Thanks for any help.

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Throat cancer is very different from thyroid cancer.
Your cyst is much smaller - they usually do not completely disappear.
The other cyts/nodules sound low risk and should be observed with time.
TSH is adequate assessment of thyroid function in this setting.
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