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Benign Nodule/Hashi or Possible Parathyroid Issue?
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Benign Nodule/Hashi or Possible Parathyroid Issue?

Just benign nodule/Hashi or possible parathyroid issue?

4/13/12 - Ultrasound
Large nodule seen centrally within the left thyroid 1.9 x 1.2 x 1.5

4/13/12 - Labs
TSH 3rd Gen - 2.900
T4 Free - 1.0
T3 Total - 1.03
Calcium - 9.8 mg/dl
Creatine - 0.60 mg/dl
HCT - 35.0%
MCH - 31.4 pg
RDW 15.5%
Mono 11.5%
Alt - 58 IU/L
AST - 80 IU/L
all other labs were normal range

10/24/12 - FNA
Benign follicular cells, macrophanges, blood & colloid favor goitrous nodule

10/30/12 - Labs
TSH - 3.54 uIU/mL
T3 Circulating - 1.2 ng/ML
T4 Free - 0.59 ng/dL
Calcium - 10.7 ng/dL
Osmo Calc - 271 mOsm/L
Creatine - 0.5 mg/dL
HCT - 39.5%
MCH - 32.7 pg
RDW -13.9%
Mono Abs - 866 /uL
RBC - 4.12 x10^3/uL
Alt - 34 U/L
AST - 34 U/L

Symptoms -
fatigue, muscle/bone pain, ear/jaw pain, salivary gland swelling, poor focus, weight loss, irritable/depression, high blood pressure, gerd.

Not sure where to go from here & would appreciate any & all help!!
Have a fantastic Friday!
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Would repeat the calcium with parathyroid hormone level.  With the TSH of 3.5 for would also check thyroid antibodies to see if this is Hashimoto's.  The biopsy sounded benign, usually we would repeat ultrasound in one year given this result assuming there is no change in the size of the nodule from the April to the October ultrasound.
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Unsure of why I didn't receive any feed back...guess my post was to clinical?
Woke up this morning with swollen cervical lymph node, on same side as "benign" nodule & now I am not only scared, but mad as heck!  Wish my intern would have ordered the PTH & TgAb last week!!  

Any & all help would be appreciated, positive or negative!
Have a blessed Sunday y'all!
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sorry you did'nt get any responses. I'm going to feel the same way if noone comments on mine either. I'll be praying for you. I'm having surgery in two weeks and I wish mine was sooner too. I have been having alot of pain in the area of my nodule the past week. Its' getting worse too. I woke up swelling yesterday on the opposite side of my nodule. So weird I think. Same thing happened this morning. I'm starting to worry about what this could mean.
Take care.
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