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Do I have Hashmoto's Disease?
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Do I have Hashmoto's Disease?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my message :). I am unable to see an Endocronologist for 2 months and I feel a bit in the dark about what is happening to me.

Last week I was diagnosed as hyper. I also have a hypoechoic nodule with non-specific changes and decreased vascularity. It measures 1.3cm. The report also said that the thyroid uptake is almost homogeneous with no retrosternal extension of thyroid activity, and that visually the uptake is mildly abnormal and over active. Could you please tell me what that means?  The doc was testing for Graves and when I saw her she said that I didn't have Graves but that it is the nodule that is pushing out extra hormones.

Here are the results and ranges.

TSH  .01       Range   0.40 - 3.50  
FT4   27.6     Range   9.0 - 19.0
FT3   10.7     Range   2.6 - 6.0  

Thyroglobulin Ab:  67      Range   0 - 40
Thyroid Peroxidase Ab: 317    Range 0 - 35  

The doctor didn't mention that I have the antibodies, I just saw them on the report I have for the Endo. My brother has Hashis, My mother has had a thyroid problem [hypo and hyper] for 20 years.

Since the antibodies are high, does that mean I have Hashimoto's disease even though I'm hyper? I've been feeling unwell for some time and I wonder if I was hypo for the last part of last year without knowing.

Thank you so much for your time! :)
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The antibodies are high - could be a combo of graves and a nodule that is overactive (this combo is called Marine-Lenhart syndrome).  I often don't fully trust the nuclear scans in this setting, so if not clearly a hot nodule that is suppressing uptake in rest of gland (which this appears not to) would do FNA biopsy..

Also test TSI and TBII which are more specific antibodies for Graves.

Your thyroid levels clearly indicate hyperthyroidism.
Thank you!
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