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FT4 is decreasing from 1.13 ng/dl to 0.97 ng/dl
Dr Mark Lupo

                                        Thank u so much sir for your all previous reply. Your  valuable answers really give us  a big relief.  One more question that I want to ask . I am giving you all the details again.


My wife is 19 week  pregnant on 18/05/2012.

She had her last menstruation on 06/01/2012.

Her TSH on 22/02/2012 is 6.42 µIu/ml

Her FT4 on 22/02/2012 is 1.13 ng/dl

Her TSH on 30/03/2012 is 1.55 µIu/ml

Her TSH on 13/04/2012 is 2.46 µIu/ml

Her FT4 on 13/04/2012 is 1.08 ng/dl

Her TSH on 11/05/2012 is 3.70 µIu/ml

Her FT4 on 11/05/2012 is 0.97 ng/dl

She is taking  Thyronorm 50 mg daily from 25/02/2012 without any break.

So my question is --

1) Since FT4 is decreasing from 1.13 ng/dl on 22/02/2012 to 0.97 ng/dl on 11/05/2012  (Ref Range   0.89 – 1.76),

so why the FT4 is decreasing & is there any need to worry  ,since the present FT4 level is just slightly above the minimum of Ref range ? Is FT4 generally decrease during pregnancy?

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The key is the TSH -- goal is 0.3-2.0 usually and yes, the Free T4 can be low-normal in pregnancy.  The last TSH is a bit higher than goal and a dose increase may be warranted.
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