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Hashimoto's and swollen lymph nodes
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Hashimoto's and swollen lymph nodes

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about a year ago.  At the time my TSH was high and I have anitbodies but since then my TSH has regulated on it's own.  I don't take any medications for it.  Recently I started having the feeling of something in my throat and some pain off and on in my neck.  I also have some swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  I had bloodwork done about 2 months ago and it was still normal.  I asked my endocrinologist about the lymph nodes and she said it's not caused by Hashimoto's.  However, I keep seeing information on the internet saying that it is possible for Hashimoto's to cause swollen lymph nodes.  I'm confused by the conflicting information.  Hoping to get some clarification.
Thank you.
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lymph nodes are very common with hashimoto's
neck ultrasound can help with this evaluation
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About 2 years ago I had my first mamo and they found an enlarged lymph noid in my left breast, I have had an ultra sound recently on it which showed nothing not Cancer, about 3 months ago I was diagnosised with Hashimoto's and now I have recently found another swollen lymph noid on my butt near my panty line. I have hair growing on my face, so much that I have to shave everyday.  I have also been feeling dizzy (room spinning, feeling like I want to throw up) this past week or so. I get hives just on my neck area so far.  I also have what I call boils under my boobs, arm pits and between my legs that I have had for years and can't ever get rid of them no matter how much I scrub and clean them.  I have taken antibotics for the boils and they go away but quickly return after I'm not taking antibotics any longer.  My emotions are up and down, one minute I will be fine and the next I want to kill someone (LOL not literally).  I have also been having hot flashes for about 6 months or more.  I'm feeling like I'm am dieing and I'm only 42.  Are all these symptoms related to Hashimoto's and is there any relief for these symptoms?  Currently I take 90mg of Armor once a day, 25mg Spironolactone once a day.  I also have high cholestorel and I'm hypoglosimic.  Blood Work:

Blood Drawn on 1/29/09 with no meds in me at all
RBC 5.19H
MCH 26.4L
RDW 17:9H
Glucose, Serum 108H
Cholesterol, Total 279H
Triglycerides 171H
HDL Cholesterol 32L
LDL Cholesterol Calc 213H
LDL/HDL Ratio 6.7H
TSH 4.434 in Normal range
T4, Free (Direct) .90
Hemoglobin A1c 6.2
FSH 11.4
LH 3.1
Testosterone, Free and Total
   Testosterone, Serum 47
    Free Testosterone (Direct) .9
DHEA-Sulfate 68
Estradiol 10L
Progesterone .7
Insulin 9.5
Prolactin 10.8
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 285
Antithroglobulin ab <20
Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum 2.8

Blood Drawn on 4/14/09 with 60mg Armor a day
Hemoglobin Alc 6.1
Tyroxine (T4) Free, Direct .97
TSH 2.749
Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum 2.7

Taking 90mg Armor as of about 3 weeks ago, no blood work done since my meds where increased.
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Unfortunately, I'm as confused as you.  I should add that I am 32 and all this started shortly after the birth of my second daughter.  I have other symptoms as well including tingling in my back, itchy, red eyes and pain in my armpit area.  All of these symptoms seemed to go away for over a year but now they all came back at the same time.  Also, How quickly can Thyroid levels fluctuate?  I had normal bloodwork 2 months ago but could it have changed that quickly?
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Lori, Yes it can I suppose it can change in a short period of time, tell your endo how you are feeling.  

Dr. Lupo,

I found out today that the dizzyness and blood clots on my period is because I'm anemic.  My endo told me to take Ferro-Sequels over the counter.  I guess it is easy on your system and doesn't cause constipation.  Regular Iron Pills make me constipated, so we shall see.  I just started taking this today.  I still don't know why I have an enlarged lymph noid in my left breast and on my left butt cheek near my panty line, would love to hear if anyone else has enlarged lymph noids in places other then the neck as I don't have any in my neck.  I had a ultrasound of my thyroids and basicly they are not enlarged.  Endo doesn't seem to be too concerned with the results.  I'm worried because the lymph noid in my left breast has been enlarged for over 2 years.  
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Also, I have had an ultrasound of my left breast and I am told it is clear and not cancer.  Can it turn to cancer?  Should I have the lymph noid Biopsy just in case?  
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