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Help with anxiety on thyroxine!!
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Help with anxiety on thyroxine!!

Some advice would be awesome please....
I am on 100mcg of Thyeoxine Monday to Saturday and 50 on Sundays.
My current TFTs are:
TSH 0.12 (0.50-4.00)
FT4 20.6 (10.0-19.9)
FT3 4.4 (3.5-6.5)

Before this I was on 100mcg of Thyroxine Monday to Saturday only and miss a dose on Sundays and my TFTs were
TSH 0.32
FT4 20.6
FT3 4.0

Not much different. I need a suppressed TSH bc I had papillary thyroid cancer. I can not tolerate heat at all... In Australia it's Summer and I cant leave my house or go to work it's terrible. My major concern is this anxiety/nervousness. I don't kow the difference as I have never suffered from either before, however do they go away when on the right dose? Driving makes me nervous, traffic makes me nervous, the phone ringing makes me jump and startle etc I get lightheaded and feel like passing out almost all day for no reason. The dizziness and can't focus my eyes when I feel this at is scary.

ANY thoughts??
Many people over "suppress" TSH for thyroid cancer.  Some patients need suppression while many do fine w/ TSH around 1.0  You need to talk with the endocrinologist about the risk of your thyroid cancer returning and balance this with your intolerance of mild hyperthyroidism.
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