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High LDL
i am a 30 year old male. Height- 5'.11'' weight- 78 Kg. 2 years ago (Feb 2011) i had notic high BP (140/90) for 1 week. My Dr advised me for Lipid Profile. I went for the lipid test. The values were
Total Cholesterol- 274
Tryglyceride- 175
HDL- 44
LDL- 194
VLDL- 35
then my Dr prescribed me Storvas 20 mg. I had taken it for 3 months. After 8 monts i went for another lipid profile. The values were
Total Cholesterol- 175
Tryglyceride- 109
HDL- 34
LDL- 121
VLDL- 22
my Dr said that the lipid values has improved but he asked me to continue Storvas. I continued it for 3 more months & given up.
Now a days again i felt High BP (140/91) for 10 days. I went again to my Dr. He checked me & said that there is no cardiac problem. But he advised me for lipid test & i went for it.
Total Cholesterol- 270
Tryglyceride- 261
HDL- 39
LDL- 179
VLDL- 53
after seeing the reports he said that High LDL is the thing to worry. Now he put me on Storvas 40.
He said that it's not a disease & nothing to worry if i revers my lipid values, because of my age.
I have a sedantry life style. Would any one tell me at how much risk i am now. Can i reverse my lipid values. What should i do to lower my LDL. What kind of my Diet should be. What things should i avoid now. Plz tell me.
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