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Hyperparathyroid concerns
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Hyperparathyroid concerns

After a recently passed kidney stone tested as calcium phosphate my dr. suspected hyperparathyroidism. Here are the results of recent blood tests:

Mar 9
PTH - high (69 ng/L; lab normal 13-54)
Calcium - normal (2.35 mmol/L; lab normal 2.1-2.55)
Phosphate - normal (0.95 mmol/L; lab normal 0.8-1.5)

Mar 20
Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy - low (60.8 nmol/L; lab normals 80-200)
Thyroid ultrasound - normal

Apr 14
PTH - normal (35 ng/L; lab normal 13-54)
Calcium - high (2.58 mmol/l; lab normal 2.1-2.55)
Phosphate - low (0.61 mmol/L; lab normal 0.8-1.5)
Magnesium - normal (0.89 mmol/L; lab normal 0.65-1.05)
Albumin - normal (38 g/L; lab normal 33-48)

I also had a kidney stone in 2000 that tested positive for phosphate but because my calcium came back normal PTH wasn't tested. The April 14 tests is the first time my calcium and phosphate results have been abnormal.

Could I have had hyperparathyroidism since 2000? Is surgery the only way to deal with it? I am a singer/music teacher and the thought of something affecting my vocal chords distresses me. Is there a way to reduce the risk or further stones (and osteoporosis) without surgery?
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Looks like a possible parathyroid overactivity.  The only way to treat this is surgery. In expert hands, the risk of damaging the voice should be <1%.
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Stop eating sucralose or aspartame, splenda or equal

sodas with these products contribute to kidney stones, they think.
Try it. It won't hurt to find out.
Remove them from your diet.
Read labels cause they are in everything.
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