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will try to make this as brief as I am able... I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in April of this year (2012).  I had all the typical symptoms, most intense ones were lack of energy, weight gain and COMPLETE intolerance to the cold.  I could barely go outside this past winter and was bundled up while I was inside in the heat. At any rate, since then, the General Practitioner and I have been going around with the doses of the Levothyroxine I've been taking.  I started on .75, bumped up to .88 and then switched yet again to .75 every other day with the .88.  Since it is now December in New York, I'm noticing the intolerance to the cold again, I'm sometimes sleeping 12 hours a day, have no energy or desire to do anything that requires leaving the house.  I was into bodybuilding for 6 years and weight, has NEVER been a problem with me.  I convinced the NP to let me bump up to just the 88's in the winter because I was beginning to feel awful again with the onset of colder weather.  The 88's worked great for the first 6 weeks but now I am sleeping a lot again, gaining weight when I work out and eat totally healthy and am cold all of the time.  She is just not getting that although my levels may look great to her, I feel like garbage.  There has been a few times during the dosage changes when I've felt like a million bucks but unfortunately, it hasn't lasted. Am I being under medicated or possibly, over medicated?

If someone would be so kind as to give me some insight on these numbers, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  All that has ever been tested are the TSH & Free T4.  I will list them with the dates below.  Thanks in advance!

April 25th ( 2012 )

May 29th

June 15th

July 23rd

September 14th

October 5th

November 28th
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The TSH appears to be slightly high still, target is usually 0.5-2.5 and continuing to increase the dose to target this range is appropriate in most cases.  Continue to work with the nurse practitioner to get this better optimized.
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