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Lab results

First test done on 2/11/13 GP
TSH 0.40(L) RR(0.50-4.50)
Free T4 0.93 RR(0.73-1.95)
D-Dimer 0.52(H) RR(</=0.50)
RBC 4.19 RR(3.80-5.10)
HGB 12.5 RR(11.5-15.5)
HCT 39.5 RR(34.0-45.0)
MCH 29.8 RR(27.0-34.0)
MCHC 31.6(L) RR(32.0-35.5)

Second test done on 2/13/13 Gynocologist
TSH 1.310
Free T4 1.05

Third test done on 2/18/13 Endocrinologist
TSH 1.134
Free T4 1.0
Vit D 12.2(L) RR(30.0-80.0)
RBC 3.7(L) RR(4.2-5.8)
HGB 11.6(L) RR(12.0-18.0)
HCT 35.2(L) RR(37.0-52.0)
MCH 31.7(H) RR(27.0-31.0)
MCHC 33.0 RR(33.0-37.0)

My endocrinologist found a small nodule on both lobes of my thyroid but there were no further testing done, he only prescribed me Ferrous Sulfate 325(mg) 2x daily and Vit D 50,000 IU D2 (Ergo) once a week for 12 weeks  then once a month for 6 months at which time I will get re-evaluated. Why are my levels so different? Should I press the thyroid issue? Could there be a connection with my TSH levels and my Vit D levels? Please help?
You didn't post the reference ranges for the second and third labs so if the labs the endo and the gyno used were different from the lab your gp used, and you are comparing the second and third TSH and T4 scores to the first lab's reference range, that may be where the numbers are misleading.  Does that make sense?  I am so sorry for the long run-on sentence!!!  

I'm new to Hashimoto hypothyroidism and I also had low level Vitamin D.  After having a DEXA scan, I was dx'd with osteopenia so you might ask what low Vit D might mean for you.  

I know you're waiting for Dr. Lupo's reply.  It looks like you posted just after he answered some questions. He addresses questions every few days, once a week or so.  He will surely see your post; just wanted to encourage you to double check ref. ranges.  Good luck navigating all this.  It gets easier.
Thank you so much! The lab results for test 2 didn't have a Reference range but I did put the range for lab test 3. It is the numbers in parenthesis. I just want to know what would make my labs change in such a short period of time.
I apologize. I didn't put the RR for my TSH and Free T4 levels for the third test.
TSH 1.134 RR(.5-4.5)
Free T4 1.0 RR(.8-1.5)
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