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Labwork question
Where do I begin without making this into a novel?  I was diagnosed with Grave's in Sept 2011 treated with PTU.  I was being weaned off the PTU and was down to  50 mg once a day ( I had been on PTU 100 mg three times a day and was gradually decreased per labs and how I was feeling) .  In June 2012, I started to feel like I might be going hyper again and had labs which showed my TT4 9.8 (5.3-12.3).  My doctor opted to just watch it and me not wanting to be an alarmist I agreed.  On Sept 2012 (probably later than I should have had things checked (but..not wanted to be a nag)  I called my MD and told him that all seemed to be getting worse (starting with shakiness, warm, up at the crack of dawn and a busybody) and it was not my imagination--had my labs done and on Sept 12,2012  my TT4 was 11.7   It was then that I increased my PTU to 75mg daily--I know that is not much of an increase but my doctor agreed to try that small increase to see if it would make a difference.   On Oct 9, 2012 he checked my FT4  it was 1.9 (0.76-1.46)  --not sure why he did just the FT4 and not also the TT4 for comparison.  I had had my labwork done at 6pm at night and he called me the next morning at 7:30 am concerned--I agreed to up my PTU to 50 mg three times a day and have been on that since Oct 9, 2012.  On Oct 22, 2012 he had me repeat labs: FT3 5.5   ( 2.0-3.5) , TT4 10.4 (5.3-12.3)--he kept me on the PTU 50 mg three times a day.  On Nov 19,2012  labs:  FT3 4.9 (2.0-3.5)  and TT4 7.5 (5.3-12.3) TSH undetectable.  I am feeling better with only a rare palpitation.  However, I am slightly constipated, I feel the need to wear heavier clothing even indoors, I am gaining weight, etc.  My doctor said he will recheck in 3 weeks.  I am a bit concerned since there was such a drastic drop from 10.4 to 7.5 (TT4) in 4 weeks .  Any suggestions?
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