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Large Thyroid (goiter) pressing on windpipe

I'm from the UK. I had a thyroid ultrasound scan recently and I have been told that the goiter is slightly pressing on my windpipe. I'm really scared at night as I often wake up chocking not being able to breathe.

I'm hoping to have surgery soon but I have to sit tight in the mean time as the NHS is very slow over here! But I am honestly very scared and worried.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem before and have had to undergo surgery? How did you get on?

Any advice would really be appreciated!

Many thanks,

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This is a fairly common problem.
Large goiters can press on the trachea and cause these symptoms.  Surgery or possibly I-131 treatment are the options.   Fortunately, they do not grow quickly so the wait is not likely a significant problem.  Would prop up with 2-3 pillows to see if that helps the symptoms.
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