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Period has stopped, not pregnant
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Period has stopped, not pregnant

I'm 27 and I haven't had a period for 6 months. It's been very light for the past year and I haven't needed to use a tampon or liner since April. I'm definitely not pregnant.
I have many other issues, all pointing to an over active thyroid, but the doctor said my blood test is normal. I have below average oestrogen levels, due to stress or weight loss, but I'm not stressed and weight loss occurred after the problem began. She said it's probably due to the pill, but I've been on the pill since I was 16. From 12-16, I had very bad periods and had to change my tampon AND pad every 2 hours. The pill reduced my periods from unbearably heavy to the point where it was heavy, but I still needed to wear a pad and tampon. I've had heavy periods up until 2 years ago. For the next year I had only large, brown blood clots, then very light for a few months, and now nothing. Around May I had a 2 day very heavy bleeding between my period.

Other symptoms: blurred vision 75% of time, high/irregular heart beat (sitting watching TV I can feel fast heartbeat, sometimes feels like it's popping out of my chest; normal blood pressure), shortness of breath, shaking, zero sex drive (it was very high just a year ago), inability to lubricate during intercourse, excessive sweating at all times and all temperatures (especially palms), increased appetite, nervousness, irritability, decreased concentration, memory lapses, decreased attention span, fatigue (has been slightly better with <8hrs sleep), eye pain/irritation, dry skin, extreme constipation (exercise helps), recurring yeast infections. I lost 10lbs from Aug to Dec, but was living a very sedentary lifestyle, as I work from home. I was eating slightly healthier, but in more quantities. The weight loss seems strange, as I have a very hard time losing weight. I exercise 5-6 days a week now, and am the same weight.

Is it possible this is a thyroid problem and I should be retested, or is it completely normal and I shouldn't be concerned?
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You should have thyroid retested, but would also see a gynecologist for complete evaluation.

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Help please ? understanding levels and meds is this normal
by kspitzke, 6 hours ago
Tags: meds, levels, Thyroid, Anxiety, help, TT pap. Ca RAI =mess
Im still having a difficult time figuring out whats going on and it seems to be getting worse.  Post TT 2/5 Pap Ca.  RAI 131 2/24 TSH 63.03 at time of RAI.  On 3/1 I went to ER for severe rash and elevated HR.  Since have been put on steroids and anahistamines today is the last day and rash has subsided.  Also as of 3/1 changed thyroid meds Levoxythrine  from 150mcg(only took this dose 4 days) to 50mcg 2 a day.  Heart rate, tremors, sweating, cold hot, brian fog, dizzy and what im guessing anxiety, depression, feeling loss of control getting worse.  I wanted to post my labs done in Er as they are the most recent.  I was told what I am feeling is normal  and give it 6 weeks, but its so awfull I just dont understand.  Few more things for history, HR normal until coming out of second surgery for completion of TT.  Seems to be elevated since then 2/5.  Never had problems with this befor.  When my TSH was 68 prior to RAI the symptoms were not nearly as bad as they are now.  I also take flouxitine(prozac) 30mg and Methelphedinate (ritalin)10mg 4 times aday and have done so for over one year due to ADD this has never increased my HR.  Rash was determined allergic reaction to RAI capsule containing sulfa.  

Labs done in Er 3/1 ordered by er doc not my endo but saw endo next day and he was ok with going off these labs

Thyroxine/T4                             10.9           Refference 4.8-13.9UG/DL
T3 Uptake                                    35                                 30-39%
Free Thyroxine Index (T7)           3.8                                1.4-4.5 units
TSH                                                8.68                               0.34-4.82 mIU/ML
Tropin-1                                          <0.04                            0.00-0.07 NG/ML
Everything on Comprehensive Meta Panel normal

2/18 Labs 2 days prior to RAI on LID diet  This primarily done to check TSH for RAI
TSH                                         63.03                  Refference 0.45-4.50
T4 Free non-Dialysis              0.9                       0.8-1.7
Thyroglobulin antibodies <20                               <41
Thyroglobulin                         11                             <56

Everything on Comprehensive Meta Panel normal
Hope this makes sense to some one.
Sorry if im not clear I unfortunalty cannot control that right now.
The doctor says im gonna feel this way for 6 weeks is this all normal??????
sorry I accedentlly posted in wrong place:)
I would definitely get a second opinion about your thyroid.  You have some pretty clear symptoms of hyperthyroidism.   Many gyns have knowledge about the thyroid.  If your doctor only did a TSH, I would be concerned about a doctor who does only refers to the blood test and doesn't look into your symptoms in more detail.  Graves, nodules, and Hashi's can all be associated with your symptoms (I know hypoT is connected with Hashi's; however, I know from personal experience that one can have Hashi's and be hyper).  Good luck!  Be a strong advocate for yourself, look for a doctor who is a problem solver and a partner for your health, and learn as much as you can from reliable sources.
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