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Please help - ASAP

I hope you are good.

I just needed to get some help.

I was diagnosed with hyper PTH ademona with one of the not functioning and got that taken out.

It was around 4 years back have been checking my results of PTH and calcium continously.

Now that I have checked my results my calcium level is 0.1 high with normal PTH (in the upper normal range) with very very LOW vitamin D.

I do NOT want to through the surgery process again and I am sure I wont as I heard once you remove it its cured.

Kindly help me with this

Just to give you a background, I was in London since last year and gained like 15 kgs ONLY due to no physical activity, and eating alot. Hve lost 7 kgs now and ate alot of pizza and burgers with cheese.

Kindly help me with it

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Would monitor this situation of mildly elevated clacium. Consider a low dose of vit D3 for replacement, but monitor calcium level.
Recurrent/persistent hyperPTH is not uncommon (5-10% on average after surgery).
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