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Symptoms Thyroid Related? Or neurological?
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Symptoms Thyroid Related? Or neurological?

Hello! I'm new here and am experiencing strange symptoms that I cannot get a handle on! I'm hoping you all may have suggestions so i can start feeling better! I've had an MRI done from a neuro who mentioned MS and encephalitis as possibilities (all clean). The only thought I've had is of it being thyroid related since thyroid issues run in my family. But when I mentioned this to my GP he wrote off the idea completely. TSH in blood tests is normal. Should I push to see a specialist? Here's an overview:
-26 yr old white female. Only medical history is major depressive disorder and medicated for about 10 years.
- extreme fatigue (sleeping 12 hours through alarms and still needing a nap and still not rested, walking one flight of stairs and needing to lay down, tiring quickly with everyday tasks, falling asleep driving...)
- intermittent tingling in portions of face, hands and arms, one leg, neck and back
-consistent pressure headaches and often tenderness at temples or base of skull
- irritable bowls (varies between urgency and constipation)
- tremor in hands, was worse in left but suddenly began in right recently. Worst when flexing my fingers inward... Becomes totally uncontrollable. Makes it hard to write, draw, and perform small movements involved in playing my instrument (I'm a violinist)
- Very stiff and painful joints and muscles. Bad in fingers. Also making issues in playing my instrument at a high level...
- memory is just awful. Word recall really slow, forgetting tasks in the middle of performing them, foggy thinking and trouble being focused for even small amounts of time
- heat and cold intolerant... Suddenly the past few years I've been just knocked out by higher temps (even when others don't seem to feel hot I do...same with cold).

Would be grateful for any insights anyone may have (what doctors to see, possibilities to pursue...) thanks!
If thyroid testing normal, it's not likely that.
The symptoms are broad and nonspecific. You've had neuro evaluation.
Would review all meds and symptoms w/ your GP and formulate a plan.
Thank you for your response Doctor. I have had only my TSH tested which was 3.5. According to the doctor where I am living now that is normal range, but in the US I had a doctor that considered me to be borderline hypo with about the same number. Is it necessary to test other thyroid hormones or not?
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