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Thyroid Nodules/Elevated Calcitonin Levels
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Thyroid Nodules/Elevated Calcitonin Levels

In 2007, I had my thyroid checked and my results from my October 2007 Ultrasound were:

Findings: Left lobe of thyroid gland measures 4.8 x 1.4 x 1.5 cm. Echo texture is fairly homogeneous as well. There is a hypoechoic tiny nodule measuring 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 cm in the medial aspect of the thyroid gland. Additionally in the lateral aspect of the thyroid there is a 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.4 cm hypoechoic nodule not seen on prior examination. The isoechoic nodule seen in the left lobe of the thyroid gland is not convincingly identified on today's examination. IMPRESSIONS: Two small isoechoic hypodensities in the left lobe of the thyroid.

November 2007 I started taking Cytomel (crnt 100mcg) 4 Depression (w/Effexor). I'm seeing a New Endocrinologist that put me through a BATTERY of tests (Heart Echo, Bone Density, etc.).  Heart, Kidneys are "fine"

Last week, however, used the words "Disturbing Results" when discussing my Calcetonin Levels. (advised I was a "10" and anything under 8 was "Normal"). Also advised that my Vitamin-D levels were low--(30)--where he'd like to see them at 60. (I drink a GALLON of Milk PER DAY! So I found this alone disturbing). Finally, he said I have Polycythemia.

My question: How "concerned" should I be? If "8" is Normal for Calcitonin and I'm a 10. What order of "Magnitude" is that off by? Again, he kept using the words"Disturbing" In addition, he never really explained what I need to do for the Polycythemia (and when Googling it, it does not seem very "benign" diagnosis. The morning they pulled my Blood--I DID NOT TAKE my Cytomel. (so it should have eleminated from my Body). And my T3-Levels were still "High" (did not give a number).

Today, I had an Ultrasound Performed. I'm very "unsettled" hearing the words "Disturbing Test Results"  7-8 times in a 20-minute Appointment. How Concerned should I be? What about the Polythycemia? I feel like the Doctor is "Concerned" abut me---but I'm out on an Island! Thanks for the help/advice!!!
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A Calcitonin of 10 is nonspecific and should not be interpreted as a thyroid cancer.  The nodules are small and w/o a family history of medullary thyroid cancer, would continue to watch closely and FNA biopsy if there is any growth to 8mm or more.

Given all the "unsettling words" it may be worthwhile to travel for a second opinion.
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Thank you Dr.Lupo!!.

What's really "ironic"---is I switched from my other Endocrinologist as I felt he was one step out the door to retirement and got the "vibe" he did not really care to look "deeper" into the results.

What do they call it? the "Gypsy Curse"=Better be careful what you wish for as it might come true?"

Well, I wished for a thorough Doctor--and he's literally the most  thorough Doctor I've ever been to (running all the Blood tests, Heart Echo, Bone Density, etc.).

He never used the word "Cancer"---but I kept saying "wait, wait" what's that medical term and he medically described what Excess Calcitonin levels mean-again, not using the 'C" word.

Of course I came home and Google'd---and it looks "scary".
I guess he's doing his "due diligence" before "scarring me"--but hearing "Disturbing Results" as part of a conversation regarding Test Results is no fun.

By the way, EVERY SINGLE 1st degree, 2nd degree blood relative I have has died of some form of Cancer (both Grandfathers-Lung, Liver(?), Mom-breast, etc.). Thus why I'm a bit more Hypersensitive (also have NF1--ran out of space up there---however it's never affected my life--even have my Masters Degree--went to Private High School--so never affected intelligence, all other symptoms, etc.).

One last question, what about the Polycythemia? I did see on my paper work that as a diagnostic result. Should I be concerned or just wait until the 2nd round of blood tests come back? I'm thinking I'm more likely to get hit by a Bus, than drop dead in 2-weeks of Polycythemia (especially since I take an aspirin every night). But curios if I should get the ball rolling on that?

I get my Blood Test Results the week of March 16th--is why I'm assuming he's not given me "further instructions"---but just curious if I should get the ball rolling on that (and is that and Endo? Cardio? or other Doctor I should see that specializes in that?


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