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findings for thyroid measurements
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findings for thyroid measurements

this is the results of ultrasound findings two months ago and Feb 1 I had first needle aspiration, and had to repeat this on the 22 Feb. Please my kids and I don't know what to expect, We are in limbo, I get that everything takes time but our lives have come to a big jolting stop. I am a single parent and I need to know the what these results mean and why the retest, the waiting is driving me nuts.

Ultrasound results dated 1/15/2013
right lobe measures L: 5.21 x W: 2.02 x L: 1.47cm
multiple nodules were seen, the larger is complex cyst measuring 2.0x1.3x1.04cm this cyst demonstrates irregular borders and calculations. right lobe is larger than left
left lobe measures L: 3.77 x W: 1.62 x L: 1.35cm
multiple nodules are visualized. the largest measures 0.3x0.3x0.3cm and is located in the inferior portion of left thyroid gland this nodule appears to be hypoechoic
isthmus measures 5.06mm
A complex cyst is visualized in the isthmus measuring 1.2x0.8x0.6cm A calculation is seen in inferior of cyst
The FNA was repeated because of inadequate sample I imagine.
Most nodules are benign (90-95%) but the 2.0cm cyst needs a good FNA to help confirm this.  The other nodules (with possible exception of the 1.2cm isthmus nodule -- which sounds like a benign cyst, but cannot be certain w/o seeing images) can be monitored.
Well I understand the waiting being frustrating. I just went through that myself.

What this means is you have cysts and nodules in your thyroid.  There is no way to tell if a nodule is cancer or not via a CT scan or ultrasound. The FNA is to see if any of the nodules are cancer by looking at a sample of cells from each nodule.

You didn't post the results of your first FNA, I assume that one or more of the samples wasn't 'diagnostic' which is why they did a second one. That's what happened to me, on first one the pathologist didn't have enough cells to work off of.  Considering that you have a bunch of nodules that's not unexpected.

The worst thing that could happen is one of the nodules could be cancer. But really no one dies from thyroid cancer. (serious).  And the treatment for thyroid cancer is not at all the big deal like treatment for other types of cancer. No dropping out of life to fight cancer. You wouldn't even be off work for likely more than a day.

So you don't need to put your life on hold.

My advice.  Call place that did the FNA tomorrow and ask if the results are in. If they are call your doctor and ask what they are. Often negative results take the slow boat from china which means you end up waiting worrying for two weeks for the doctor to get back to you to tell you it's nothing. So just call.

PS: I assume they checked your hormones and antibodies as well for thyroid disease and found nothing.
Ok so the results from the second FNA came back as inconclusive, and the doctor is offering me three choices; retest for the third time by FNA, or in radiology, or wait three months and retest FNA, I don't know which to choose, I'm more confused now than before!
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