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lab resutls

Question about labs,  I am wondering if my endo is doing the right thing she wants me to stay on my current dosage of 112mcg of levoxy and I am thinking it needs to be bumped up slightly.

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibody
                             [H] 889 IU/mL  [0-35] *1

Thyroglobulin         [H] 212 ng/mL    [0-35] *1

Thyroglobulin Ab          22/IUmL      [0-40] *2

Novembe 2009r lab results
FT4   0.99
TSH 0.66

January 2010  lab results
FT4 0.66
TSH 4.71

April 2010  Lab results
FT4 1.03
TSH 3.23
FT3 2.3

June 2010 Lab results
TSH 1.62
FT4 0.92

September 2010  lab results
TSH 3.73
FT4  1.20

November 2010 Lab results
TSH 2.28  ref ranges 0.38- 4.31 uIU/ml
FT4  1.10  ref ranges 0.72- 1.90 ng/dL
FT3  1.9   ref ranges 2.0 - 3.6 pg/ml

May 2011 Lab results
TSH 5.42   ref ranges 0.38- 4.31 uIU/ml
FT4 1.16   ref ranges 0.72- 1.90 ng/dL
FT3  2.9    ref ranges 2.0 - 3.6 pg/ml

August lab results
TSH 2.04   0.38- 4.31 uIU/ml
FT4  1.11   0.72- 1.90 ng/dL
FT3   2.2   2.0 - 3.6 pg/ml

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Current TSH is within range, a dose increase in this situation would not usually lead to improvement in symptoms and may result in over-replacement, but talk to your doctor about your concerns.
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