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rapidly growing lump/mass? in neck..
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rapidly growing lump/mass? in neck..

Since last Tuesday I've felt a 'lump in throat' feeling. It is pushing INTO my neck. It feels like it has spread and my left ear is popping now when I swallow.

I have a suspicion that this is related to my thyroid.

I've had some odd things going on the last several months:

retaining water in foot and hands and puffy face.
carpal tunnel in both hands
SEVERE cramps in inner thigh at night.
my hair has become very dry.
I feel like I've become 'stupid'...forgetting words, losing my concentration and just dumb!

I'm 10 months without a period and have 'chalked up' most of these things to menopause. Now, with this swelling in my throat, I'm thinking it has more to do with Thyroid.

Does this sound like Goiter with hypothyroid?
Thank you.
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Could be thyroid - ask your doctor to examine your neck and check a TSH.
Have any thyroid labs been run on you?  If so, what were your results (and ranges)?  Has an ultrasound been performed on your thyroid?  Have you seen and endocrinologist yet?

Some of your symptoms might be thyroid related but you didn't mention your age and general health which might make a difference.
Thanks for the replies.

I have not been to the doctor yet. Have an appointment on Thursday.

I was feeling quite scared when the lump began because I am a heavy smoker. My first thought was cancer.
But, I also remembered the word 'goiter' and googled that. That is when I read about all the other subtle and not so subtle symptoms of thyroid disorders. I know it is very easy to be influenced by 'symptom lists' and can easily believe the worst.

Then I found your very informative forum here. After spending some time reading past posts, I'm feeling much better about my condition and I know my Doc will run the appropriate tests.

What I did not know is how often thyroid problems occur and how the thyroid being 'off' can affect our bodies and mind in so many ways.
Until I had thyroid surgery three years ago I didn't even know where my thyroid was - let alone what it does.  Boy, oh boy, I've come a long way!  :-)

I hope you have checked the patient-to-patient forum here too.  There is a lot of experience and wisdom there.

Good luck on your doctor's appointment. Please let us know.
I've also stumbled across some very informative web sites that may give you some more things to discuss with your doctor:

I am a smoker too so I understand your concern with your lump in your neck.  Hang in there and let us know what your doctor says (ask for an ultrasound in addition to the labs).  If your doctor does discover abnormalities in your ultrasound or labs please get a referral to a good endocrinologist.

take care,

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