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tsh .45 with nodules

By tink1310 | 1 minute
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So for the past 9 months, i have been suffering from aweful mood swings.  I am unable to eat, i'm 31 yrs old and weigh 95lbs.  If i do eat i throw up or have diarrhea.  My symptoms became more severe in feburary.  I started a new job, and crashed and burned.  I lost 20 lbs due to poor appetite.  I would have episodes of nervousness and was always stressed.  In July i had a migraine that lasted 3 weeks with blurred vision.   I sweat when i'm cold, and my hands/feet are like icicles and clammy.  I change my clothes and shower 2-3 times a day due to excessive sweating,  I get tingling in my extremities too.  I have insomnia although i'm exhausted.  
Upon visiting my MD, he felt something on my throat.  I had the ultra sound and there are nodules.  I feel like there is something stuck in my throat and choke on food often,
My tsh is .45, and nodules are benign.  I get episodes of shaking cold sweats confusion and vomiting which lasts up to 8 hours.  Heart flutters also occur.
my blood pressure is consistently high.

I can't get an appt with an endocrinologist due to no insurance.  I went to ER and asked if they could test my thyroid and they blew me off because i'm overemotional and tired.  I have been sick for months and just want some clarity.
anyone have feedback ??---

my PCP only ordered TSH, i feel i need the T3/T4 series.
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The TSH is normal - this reflects normal thyroid status in the vast majority of cases.  The nodules appear to be benign -- likely the thyroid is not causing the overall symptoms, etc.
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