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weird new symptoms
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weird new symptoms

Hello-- I'm new here & need help.  
I've had severe chronic sinusitis for over 10 years and hypothyroid for 18.  I take 1- 75 mcg synthyroid and 3- 5 mcg cytomel daily.  
In September began having dizziness, tinnitus, balance issues I thought were allergy/ear related. I've been seeing allergist & ENT-- done everything from steroids to vestibular rehab therapy -- no relief.
Then last week- all heck broke loose- I went to the ER for the first time in my life (I'm 52).  I experienced a severe dizzy spell, vision went snowy, left side of face was tingly, left side of neck felt extreme pressure, and my left arm was weak.  After CBC, MRI, and ultrasound of sides of my neck all came back fine- I was released with instructions to see neurologist in a few weeks to explore this possible TIA.
I already had appointment with a new GP the next day to see about some mild, nagging URQ discomfort thinking it wasn't related to all my other issues.  When I saw her, I explained what had been happening with me- she immediately asked if I had ever been diagnosed with Graves. No.  So-- long story short-- I'm waiting for results of ultrasound done on my thyroid and abdomen.
To say I'm nervous is an understatement.  
I never even considered thyroid to be a problem since I don't notice swelling and my yearly TSH results done at my physical have been in normal range.  
Here is brief history of my TSH range:
2008  1.152
2009  1.48
2010  3.22  (Incidentally- this is when I was going through stress of my husband's thyroid cancer. He's doing great!)
2011  5.16  August-- dr. increase synthroid to 88mcg.
2011  .403  October
2011  .272  Dec.   Back on 75 mcg
2012  .467  March
2013  .53    March
Can these symptoms be related to Graves or Hashimotos?
Since trip to the ER---  the pressure in neck is still there, I've developed a swollen gland on the left side of neck under chin,  and I feel pressure on thyroid area- fast changes that scare me.

These symptoms are not likely thyroid related w/ the normal TSH levels.
Your hypothyroid is likely due to Hashimoto's - which also doesn't explain other symptoms.  If there is thyroid enlargement/pressure - ultrasound will  confirm if there is nodule/goiter but even that wouldn't explain all the symptoms.
Ultrasound of thyroid showed no masses, nodules or swelling-- all good.
Abdomen ultrasound showed small gallstone or possible polyp attached to wall.  Meeting with surgeon soon to discuss findings and options.

In the meantime--  I'm a mess.  I still have tingly feeling in left temple and cheek, left side of neck- pressure, throat feels tight down into left just under clavicle.  I have a neck muscle- from clavicle to under chin-- that is swollen under chin.  Hard to find comfortable position to sleep due to discomfort. GP looked at neck muscle  today and seemed puzzled but didn't seem concerned-- but it's really bugging me.  She's ordered a barium swallow x-ray for this week.  
Just discovered this little gem--- my fingers on palm side are simply turning blue from time to time.  
I'm normally a healthy, active person.  I usually run about 15 miles a week, do pilates and ride a bike.  The last 3 months- I've fallen apart.  What is wrong with me? Does any of this connect??
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