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Odd Enlarged "Lymph-Node" & Stable Thyroid NoduleS
Hello, hello.

I have a couple of thyroid nodules (2cm/9mm) that have been stable for roughly 6 years.
I am currently 22, they were found at 16. I'm almost 23. Anyway, I've had two kids. I was wondering...
Do you think having a child at 15 could cause thyroid nodules?
Also, here is my main question for this post:

I only have one "lymph-node" (other doctors have called it a cyst, and some disagree with both the above; fatty mass.)
Anyway, like I was saying -- only one "lymph-node" is enlarged, eh...
It's about the size of my pinky-print, instead of thumb-print.
It has been there and stable for years, around the same amount of time as the nodules.
Here's the thing, I suffered from SEVERE ear infections and often as a child.
Oh, this "lymph-node" is on my mastoid bone, behind my right ear.
Ironically, the same side as my nodules - blah.

Moving on, to cut this short...
Well, kind of.
I asked my Endo. that *if* I did have thyroid cancer, could this be a metastasis?
He said HIGHLY unlikely, since non of my other lymph-nodes are enlarged and it would be very odd
for thyroid cancer to skip all of my other 'nodes and go straight to one on my mastoid process.

Do you guys agree?

I see my Endo. next month for a yearly ultrasound/check-up appointment.
Nervous, but hoping for the best.

Thanks! :-)
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Hi there!

Child birth does not cause thyroid nodules.
Yes, I would agree with your endocrinologist for the node to be enlarged due to the thyroid being unlikely without involvement of nearby primary nodes.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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