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Alternative to medication?
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Alternative to medication?


I have increased metabolism and have been getting this medication
3 x propyltiouracil 100mg
1 x propal retard 80mg

It made me very drowsy in the evening and made me itch real bad. But it kept me 100% symptomfree.

Because of the itching and because he wants me off propal retard, my doctor changed my medication as of 17/3 to:
4 x Thiamazol 1A 5mg
2 x ½ propranolol 40mg

Where the first medication made me symptomfree in 12 hours, this medication is not making me symptomfree - maybe only 50%. My biggest symptoms are shaking hands and trouble breathing. I am still itching but doctor says to give it 3 days more.

And then he went on a long vacation as of this morning =/

So my questions are:
- Is there an alternative that will keep me symptomfree and that will not make me itch?
- I heard cabbage and acupuncture can do something for this disorder - is it true or just "crystal ball"?
- I heard different labs measure my blood in different ways - what should I ask the doctor to make sure I get the info I need for the future? I live in a very small town and the doctors are maybe not the most experienced, mine has to look in a book every time I ask him something about this disorder. (And it took him 4 years to find out what I had)

Thanks in advance :)

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I am not sure what disease you have? Graves?

I looked up your meds and can't find anything on them? Are they generic forms of something?

Here I found "Thiamazol Henning is NOT known to be marketed in the USA, but may be available in some other countries. "

Sounds like propranolol is a beta blocker. These are used in alot of patients with hyperthyroidism.

Are these drugs listed under PTU's?

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I am Danish and that might be why you can't find the drugs...
My diagnose is increased metabolism - and that's it. Whe I ask my doctor for more info, he just looks at me and says "Yeah well, it's an autoimmune thingy where your thyroid is affected".
I feel uncomfortable with his lack of knowledge - and I can see it's not weird since you ask what you ask.

I got an photo taken last week at a hospital that shows the left side takes radioactive contrast stuff into it and the right side doesn't. But I haven't been told what it means.

I wish I could provide you with more info, but I am sort of looking for the questions to ask my doctor to know more, since I have no clue and he neither, I don't know what to ask him.

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