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Any suggestions how to get FNA's done in SW Floirda if a person ha...
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Any suggestions how to get FNA's done in SW Floirda if a person has no money and no insurance?

Hi- I live in Lee County which is Southwest Florida.  I have Hashimoto's and the usual laundry list of assorted medical problems.  My husband is disabled, we don’t have enough money to make ends meet (rob Peter to pay Paul as my bills go) and no insurance of any type.

I had an ultrasound done last year (before I ran my Visa into the ground).  Because of the results and having a cousin who died young from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, it was (and still is) recommended that I have FNA/biopsies done….or at the least another ultrasound to compare against my old one.

Is anyone directly familiar with a grant or organization that would help me have this testing done?  I don’t qualify for Medicaid (kids are over 18, I’m under 65).  The Family Service clinic here treats only basic problems such as colds.  

I’ve pretty much come to terms that there is not help available.  My doctor was so insistent that there “must be help out there somewhere” that I decided to give it one last ditch effort.

This is my ultrasound results from last year:

Multiple areas of nodularity, some of which are hypoechoic.  Largest nodule is appreciated in the middle third, measuring 3.2x2.1x2.3 cm. Avery hypoechoic nodule is appreciated, slightly more superiorly located measuring 2.5x1.3x2.1 cm. Right thyroid lobe measure 5.8x3.2x3.0 cm.

The left lobe is heterogeneous and demonstrates multiple areas of nodularity, the largest measuring 1.5x0.9x1.3 cm in the middle third. Left thyroid lobe measures 3.9x2.5x2.6cm.

The isthmus is enlarged at 1.2 cm.  Isoechoic nodule appreciated in the inferior isthmus measuring 1.7x1.3x2.2cm.
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type-o: I live in SW Floirda, not Floirda
I would start with a follow up ultrasound. You can go to radiology dept at Riverwalk off of College Pkwy. Self pay for thyroid ultrasound is approx $100. Then from there you will know if you have multi nodules from Hashimoto's or nodules that need biopsy. They will work with you as far as payments are concerned. Usually the biopsies are done by radiologists at the hospitals as well which will work out a payment plan and self pay costs for you. It is worth and shot.  :)   If you need more info on the radiology info, just email me and I will email it back to you. I am here in Ft Myers as well.
Thanks for writing back.  I had a thyroid ultrasound last year and was told that I should have biopsies done.  I priced around then and priced again now.  If I had just a thyroid  scan done again at Radiology Regional it would be $121 if paid at the time of service or if I made it in 2 payments it would cost $150.
No can do, I’ve already paid $400 this month for basic medical and now am behind on standard living expenses.

The price at Radiology Regional this year for one biopsy of one nodule is $538 if paid at the time of service and $565 if split over 2 payments.  My notes from last year were $411 for each additional biopsy or what I call a “poke”.  I need a total of six pokes.

I would have liked to been able to go to see Dr. Lupo at the Thyroid & Endocrine Center in Sarasota.  They’re higher priced, but I feel it’s warranted given their expertise level.  They do all of their work in house.  It’s my understanding that not every poke is a success.  At Dr. Lupo’s, they can tell right then if they got a good draw.  My guess is there’s no charge if they need to do it again.  Their price (from one year ago) for a self pay visit was $85-$205 due at the time of service.  An additional $600-$1000 for each poke was also due at the time of service.  

And then there is the thought of “what if the results came back positive?”.  I couldn’t afford treatment anyhow. Some primary doctors won’t see you if you don’t get needed tests done.  To get my other meds filled, I have to see an Endo every now and then.  The last Endo was very nice and insisted that there has got to be assistance out there somewhere. I told him that I’ve tried everything.  The reason that I signed up for MedHelp is it’s the only thing that I haven’t tried.  I can advocate for others in numerous areas and always seem to find resolve, not so when it comes to myself. Que Sera, Sera.

Would you mind if I ask who your primary care doctor is?  She sounds very caring.  That would be good to know for future reference.  Thanks.
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