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Armour VS NP Thyroid
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Armour VS NP Thyroid

Hey folks,

I have been reading a ton about Armour and it seems like they messed up by changing their formula. There is some talk of people finding bottles with softer pills etc

A newer generic version called NP Thyroid is apparently the same formula as the old Armour?

Is Armour now FDA approved? I read they use organic pigs etc in their formulation however no one really knows how NP goes about their business. I've also seen many posts where people are very happy with NP Thyroid? It also seems to have the least amount of fillers compared to Naturethyroid and Armour...

Would love to hear your thoughts. I am very excited to try NDT but want to make sure I start off with the right one
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Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) has been used since 1891 and has been the standard treatment for hypothyroidism until the 1960's when the recommended treatment was synthetic T4.  

The Compliance Policy Guide (2006) means all unapproved drugs on the market, like NDT, need to be proven safe and effective before being FDA approved.  122 years of NDT used by millions of people is not proof. :)  To date, there have been no clinical trials of NDT.

Manufacturers of approved levothyroxine sodium (tablet or capsule) in the United States:

Abbott - Synthroid
Alara - Levo-T
Jerome Stevens - Unithroid
Jones Pharma/King - Levoxyl
Lloyd (distributed by Forest) - Levothroid
Institute Biochimique - Tirosint
Vintage - Levolet (not marketed in the US)

Brands of natural desiccated thyroid available for use in the United States:

Forest Pharmaceuticals - Armour
RLC Labs - Nature-throid, Westhroid
Acella Pharmaceuticals - NP Thyroid
Erfa - Thyroid
60mg (1 grain) NP Thyroid is unavailable most places right now. I talkked to the company and they said it would be back at pharmacies by end of June.

I have been on it for over a year. I tracked down a pharmacy that still had some 60mg on hand and I noticed the smell is not as pungent as my last bottle-still trying to figure out what that means as the company also told me it has not been reformulated. This remains to be seen.

I think it's hit or miss with both of them as they have both been out of stock at different times, although this is the first time I had to go looking. I have heard that some people who were never on the old Armour say they do just fine on Armour now and that chewing it helps absorption.
I'm on Armour, I cut mine in 1/2 and they kind of fall apart, I also chew whats left, I'm really happy with Armour, kind of curious about NP If it has less fillers, that would even be better, I wish we could get Thyroid by Urfa from Canada, it has very few fillers and binders. but its hard to get a perscription here in the US.
Always remember- stick with what works for you!!!
Armour and Nature Throid are similar, both (since '09) use micro crystalline cellulose as the filler/binder. In the past is was sugar based.

Technically, NP Acella and Erfa are close to each other , both use dextrose for a filler (a sugar) and are closest to old Armour and Nature Throid (pre '09).

People with stomach absorption problems may do best with dextrose filler. As as plus, dessicated with dextrose can be taken sublingually with excellent results - as long as you swish out your mouth after eating.

What works best is proven by personal trial, as we are all different.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. It makes sense.
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