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Big blowout with ped endo today
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Big blowout with ped endo today

My last thread about my 9yo with Hashi's got very long, so I cut and paste the important stuff to this new post.

Below are the bloodtest results, including ranges, with my question at the bottom...

My 9yo daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto's with the following bloodwork:

July 2012

normal range
T4    5.5              normal 4.1-12.1
T3    1.55            normal 0.64-1.68

abnormal range
TSH  36.89          normal 0.19-4.47
TPO  1580           normal 0-18

Pediatrician sent us to Endo, who made us redo bloodwork 3 months later at a different lab before prescribing anything. The results were:
October 2012

Free T4      .8           normal .90-1.67
TSH          27           normal .60-4.84

Endo started her on Levothyroxine, 37.5 mcg/day at the end of October.
January 2013

Free T4    1.14          (normal .90-1.67)
TSH         5.21          (normal .60-4.84)
March 2013:

Free T4     0.66     (0.90-1.67)
TSH        74.90     (0.60-4.84)
May 2013:

Free T4     0.76     (0.90-1.67)
TSH        80.         (0.60-4.84)

So today I finally got a few 'quality' (haha) minutes with the doctor on the phone. He has agreed to increase her meds from 37.5 mcg to 50 mcg.  

Other than that, he dismissed all of my concerns with medical mumbo jumbo. I can hold my own in a debate, but this guy was literally screaming at me....still not sure why.  He was so aggitated it almost seemed as if he was 'on' something or completely mentally unstable.  I never once let him get to me and kept a calm, professional voice the entire time (my coworkers that could hear the conversation could not believe how much screaming was coming out of the phone while I remained calm!).

He holds firm that there is almost no chance that any 'symptoms' are at all related to being hypothyroid.  He feels strongly that any symptoms being experienced are strictly due to some other underlying condition that is not being addressed.  He said that since he feels as if he had my daugher's FT4 within a normal range back in January, that if the symptoms were associated with the hypo then they would have stopped once she was in normal range. Since they didn't, he is ruling them out.  I did bring up the fact that maybe she wasn't in her body's comfort zone  percentage-wise within the norm, and he basically said that's just ridiculous.  When I pressed him, he said that maybe there were such ranges for adults, but there were absolutely none for children.

He came right out (when asked the question point-blank) and said he treats with meds based on bloodwork and not symptoms...because he doesn't believe in symptoms.

He also said he did not believe in any gluten connection and anyone seeing any kind of results were probably just experiencing the placebo effect....and then said there are quacks out there that believe this stuff and they may all find out in a few years from now how horrible it was to remove gluten from the diet.

He complained that pediatricians just blame the thyroid for everything and if I wanted a nutritional component to add to my daughter's treatment I need to contact my pediatrician because he does not work with nutritionists.  When I told him that she has been with a nutritionist for many years but that the ped thought the endo would want her to work with a nutrionist of his choosing that specifically works with thyroid patients, he called my pediatrician a drone! This guy was too much!

So as we were ending our conversation I reminded him that I had an appointment with him in a few weeks at the end of May and his response was: "I'll have to call out sick that day"     !!!!!!!!!!!!  

Don't worry, I did place some calls to get an appt with a new doctor, but until then I have to deal with this bird!
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I certainly wouldn't deal with him.  He agreed to increase the dosage from  37.5 mcg to 50, which is what you were looking for; did he agree to call that in to the pharmacy?  As soon as that's done and you have those 50 mcg pills, I'd take that and run from this jerk as fast as I could.

If he doesn't believe in symptoms, why the he!! is he even a doctor?  What else brings people to a doctor than symptoms?  That's just plain dumb.

While TSH is not the be all, end all of thyroid treatment, I can't imagine anyone looking at any of those TSH levels and saying that's "normal", even though some of the FT4's were "normal".  Yeesh.......  The FT4's are so low, I'd hate to think what FT3's might be....

Did you have any luck finding a new endo?  You may have to explain to the pediatrician what's happening and rely on her/him until you can find an acceptable endo. I would never leave my daughter under the care of this type of doctor.

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I's time to run, not walk, away.

Hashi's is a degenerative condition.  We lose more and more thyroid function all the time until our thyroids are functionally "dead".  So, it's to be expected that meds increases have to keep up with the loss of function.  

Even if he doesn't treat by symptoms, a TSH of 80 with FT4 below range is clearly hypo.  Ignoring those labs is beyond negligence.  Your diagnosis of mental instability is right on.  

Anyway, glad you got the increase and all the best of luck in finding a new doctor.  I hope she feels better soon.
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