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Blood test Results after TT and 6 weeks of thyroxine??? help please...
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Blood test Results after TT and 6 weeks of thyroxine??? help please...

Hello, Any comments on my results would be sincerely appreciated
Test results after TT 30th Nov '06.
I've been taking 150mcg thyroxine for 6 weeks

TSH - 0.70 (0.50 - 4.00)
Free T4 - 15.6 (10.0 - 19.0)
Free T3 - 5.0 (3.5 - 6.5)

Comments on the Report: "Results indicate optimal thyroxine replacement therapy"

I am torn.  My results look good BUT I am still not feeling good.  Very very tired all the time, weak, cold, no libido, dry skin.  I was having a low heart rate but that seems to have normalised.  

It is early days but I am beginning to wonder whether it could have been something else all along causing my fatigue and other symptoms.  I will ask for additional testing-any suggestions?

ALSO, In September '06 I had an unusal result;

TSH - 0.28 (0.50 - 4.00)
Free T4 - 16.6 (10.0 - 19.0)

Comments on the Report; mild suppression of TSH with a normal FT4 suggest recovery from a 'non-thyroidal illness'

The weird thing is I hadn't been sick, but I had been very fatigued around the time of this test.  Anyone heard of this kind of thing?

I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  I doubt that he will change my thyroxine dosage with these results.  What should I do?

Graveslady what is your opinion?

Thank-you in advance

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Please don't be so hard on yourself or expect miracles over night (or 6 weeks).  I know you realize that it takes time to heal, but for some even years, hopefully you won't be one of those.  Whether you realize it or not your body went through trauma going through surgery, and that goes for any surgery.  It will throw our system off for a while. It will throw off adrenals was well, that is, with surgery and RAI the adrenals have to work harder putting a strain on them. Some  symptoms of adrenals;  fatigue, cold, dry skin, libido, etc.  Increasing thyroid meds when the adrenals are fatigued can make  symptoms worse. Correction of low adrenal is similar to correction of low thyroid, you simply take some adrenal hormone. You might want to consider a home adrenal function (stress check) tests available at stores. Or ask doctor about it tomorrow. That way you can rule in or out adrenal issue as the cause of your symptoms.
Does doctor want you at suppressed levels? TSH .70 is still in Labs range and not considered suppressed. More Like .01 or lower. However it's the doctors decision where the TSH should be (depressed or not). If doctor doesn't want suppress TSH level, he can reduce med dose which should bring up TSH closer to 1, in which should bring down FTs a tad.  However this is up to you and doc. and what both of you want to achieve, and, not a guarantee to correct your symptoms.
Sorry I can't be of more help, but wish you the best of luck.

Please don't shoot the messenger!

Hello again

I have just got back from my doctor's appointment.  He made me feel comfortable and seems to know his stuff.  He was also more than happy to hear my concerns about the symptoms that are continuing.
He was happy to run tests too, as I have a few other symptoms I havn't mentioned - a bit embarressed/shy.
I'm having - Full blood examination
           - Iron Studies
           - Glucose
           - B12 folate
           - Urinary free Cortisol
           - LH, Leutinizing Hormone
           - FSH, Folicle Stimulating Hormone
           - E2, Estrogen
           - PG, progesterone  
           - testosterone
           - free calcium

He also confirmed my positive antibody test but said all it could tell was that I had auto immune thyroiditis.  He didn't seem to think it was Hashimoto's.

My results were;   Anti-Thyroglobulin: 50 kIU/L (<35)
                   Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase < 10 kIU/L (<35)

So tomorrow I will be collecting my wee for 24hrs, what fun!!!

I am so relieved that the doctor actually listened and didn't try to rush me out the door.  He has set aside a whole half an hour for our next appointment to look at the results... Normal appointments here in Australia are between 10-15 minutes.  So that is good.

He has already mentioned that if nothing shows up we are most likely dealing with depression.  I don't like that word - but it is a possibility I suppose.

Anyway hope you are well, and thanks again for looking at my results.
Hello jenipeni!

Thanks for the web site.  When I first read your post listing of the web sites, I thought Oh NO! its going to be scientifically over my head. I am not highly-highly schooled. Plus, with a short attention span and very turned off to lengthy writings, especially when paragraphs are loooong, I am turned off easily. Short, sweet and to the point prefers me better. This is due to Hyper/ Graves I'm sure. But  to my pleasant surprise it was very simply explained (smart guy, my knida guy (person)).  I found the DNA aspect every interesting.  I wish science had more info. to offer, but I am sure they are headed in that direction to someday having a infinite answer.
Now, did we get autoimmune thyroid from mom or dad ? ;)

Having a doctor willing to work with you, listen to you, hear you and take his time with you, is half the battle. I am happy that you found a doctor who is willing to achieve all four.

Did the doctor say which of the  thyroiditis you have?  He said it wasn't Hashi so it must be one of the others.  Subacute thyroiditis? Is he going to do an radioactive iodine uptake or have you already had this done?

I am glad you are agreeing for doctor to do other test so as to eliminate other possibilities.
My doctor does full blood and urine once a year, my next is in March.  I hate the weeing part, LOL! ;)

Depression is treatable and it doesn't have to be forever - if it is, it can dealt with one day at a time.

Thanks for the support! (L)
I forgot to mention;

We can't get blood tests etc without a request form completed by a doctor here in Australia.  No home testing here.

I havn't had cancer so I won't have TSH supressed.

I found some really good information concerning autoimmune conditions, including thyroid. Have a look if interested.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

*Note: The Author is Dr Karl Kruszelnicki - a well known scientist, engineer and medical doctor who is prominent in Australian media.  A very very smart man.
For his credentials;

Hi Graveslady,

No doctor didn't say what type of autoimmune - I sprung the test results on him in the appointment though so he didn't really have time to review them. But he said he would.

I'm not sure why I would have a "radioactive iodine uptake" test now?  After Total Thyroidectomy for benign multinodualar goitre and with 'optimal' thyroid test results??

My memory is sometimes not all that good but I think I may have asked when I was 18 about something like that.  It it something they would safely give someone in their child-bearing years?

If it means going off medication for any time at all I'm scared - because I'm meant to be going back to university next week (so you may not hear from me as much) and I really need to go back to work for $$$.  Energy levels still so low-okay if I'm not doing much but I can only last a couple of hours if at work etc.  

I'm going to have acupuncture tomorrow.  Hopefully that helps.
We'll see how it goes.  



Oops - that last post was meant to be addressed to Graveslady!
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