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Blood test results? Can you tell if they're better?
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Blood test results? Can you tell if they're better?

Hi all.  Well I got my blood test results back.  I've been on thyroid meds now for only 2 months and still have a ton to learn.  The only listed with a * next to them are ones that are to be retested.  I've been told that they are good and to stay on the Levothyroxine.  The results are:

PTH-serum       34  (15-50)
Calcium            9.5  (8.9-10.1)
INOR phosphorus 3.2  (2.5-4.5)
Creatinine           0.7  (0.6-1.1)

Thyroperox-AB   0.7   (<9.0)
Thyroglobn-AB  <1.8  secom   (<4.0)

Thyroid Funtion:
*T-UPT  39.2  (32.0-48)
*T4        5.9   (6.1-12.2)                
*FTI       5.8    (5.9-13.1)
*T3-TOT  105  (87-178)
*TSH     1.13   (.34-5.6)

Other test done- that showed improvements was on the Iron B12/Folate:
*Iron  102   (60-160)     was 59
*TIBC  524  (250-440)   was 593
*% SAT  19.5  (20-55)  was  10
WBC  9.1   (4.0-10.7)  was 11.1
*Transferrin  374  (200-360)  was 409
Hemoglobin A1C  5.8  (4.0-6.0)  was 6.4
*Glue-RD  103 (60-99)  and last is
*GFR-AL 84 (90-200)
Lab sheets state on 6-11-08 "an instrument upgrade" was performed which may result in slightly decreased patient results concerning sugar.

The 1st time I had these tested they checked the only ones checked were:  T4 5.7 (6.1-12.2)   TSH 1.43 (0.34-5.6) and FT4 0.66 (0.58-1.6)  This time I don't see a FREE anything?  Not sure how to read this.  Does the new numbers look better or is it hard to tell without the FT3 and FT4?  

Thank you in advance;  Amy

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Hey Amy- I have no idea about test results but am bumping you so maybe your question could be answered by someone with more knowledge.  Have a happy weekend ~Kim
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The thyroid panel that was run may tell your doctor quite a bit, but to me the only thing that looks good is your TSH.

Your TSH looks great, but a Free T4 and a Free T3 would have been nice. The T4 test you had that shows below lab limit is meaningless, and your Free T4 is probably fine, although perhaps a bit low. The total T3 is not acurate. Yor Free T3 is probably higher.

You test negative for antibodies, which is very good.
Your calcium looks good.
Your iron looks good and most of the other tests look ok.

There are a few of the tests I am not famliar with, some are good and some are not so good. I really can't comment on the TIBC, or the GFR-AL.

Free T4 and Free T3!!!!!
Why is that so hard to run?

But your thyroid numbers look good.
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You are so kind.  Thank you for the bump.  

Thank you for your answer.  It means a lot to me.  It looks like they are going to retest the (trying to understand writing) TSH/FTy and something that looks like Fecurel ??? in a month.  LOL.  Sorry can't make it out.  
And then in 6 months the renal and glucose test.   The GFR-AL is for renal/kidney issues and the TIBC I think has something to do with the iron.   I was hoping the Free T3 & 4 would have been done.  

With my numbers looking good it just don't make since that I can feel the way I do.  I don't get it.  Grrr  Starting to get tired of looking.  I'm happy that some of my numbers have came up.  Getting bored with beets and greens.  LOL.  I just can't understand the pains, HR changes, SOB, lymph nodes swelling and feeling tired all the time.  Patience is a virtue that I guess I don't have much of anymore.  LOL.   I NEED ENERGY!   LOL

Thank you again my friend for your kind help.  By the way I love your smile.  LOL  That is just so cool.  It looks like a snow man.  (8^)-O(   )    OK  well I tried.  ha ha.
I hope all is well with you.  Take care;  Amy
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GFR (glomerular filtration rate) measures the kidney's ability to filter wastes.  A number above 60 is good.  Numbers below 60 may indicate chronic kidney disease.  

TIBC (total iron binding capacity) measures the ability of protein in the blood to carry iron.  Normal level is 240-450 mcg/dl.  Yours is high could indicate anemia.
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