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Can someone help me with results of a Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies tes...
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Can someone help me with results of a Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies test result?

I received my test results on my Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies test and it was 810.4.  I have been leaving messages for my Endocrinologist and he has not returned my calls.  I only saw him once so I don't think he is that responsive  I went to see him for insomnia, weight gain, always being cold, depression, difficulty swallowing, mood swings, etc.  I cannot find any information on what a normal range is for this test.  Does any know?  Or can anyone tell me where to find this information?  
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Ranges vary lab to lab on TPOab, but we often see the normal range on it as "less than 20" or "less than 40".

810.4 is clearly a positive on TPOab.  It indicates that you have autoimmune thyroid disease, probably Hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypo, except in early stages.  However, TPOab is sometimes elevated with Graves' (hyper) as well.  

Did your doctor test any other thyroid functions?  FREE T3, FREE T4 or TSH?

Hashi's is one of the most prevalent causes of hypo in the developed world, so you have lots of company...I was diagnosed a few years ago.
He did another test that came back as abnormal but it is difficult for me to understand exactly which test it is.  I can just see that the results were 110.  It looks like it is my "CL" which I believe is my chloride???
TPO antibodies are measured in either IU (international units) or U (units). I've had my TPO antibodies measured in both IU and U.  My lab work lists normal range is <6IU or <60U.
I just accidentally posted my test results on someone else's question...oops!  Not used to this site....Look at the question by Mrstarz and you can see my test results.  My physician just called me and said he never rec'd my results....right...In any case, when I told him what the results were and asked him what it meant, he just blew it off and said he was going to have to see the results from the lab first.  Which, I guess is probably appropriate.
The lab results list 0.0-9.0 IU as normal and show my results as abnormal. However, it does not say HOW abnormal 810.4 acutally is.  So I guess I need to sit and wait for the doctor to call and let me know.
I copied your results from the other thread just to make it easier for eeryone:

                          Normal           Abnormal
K Serum             4.5
CL                                              110
CO2                   25
Glucose             85
BUN                   13
Est. GFR             62
Creat.                 1.0
T3 Uptake           35.0
TSH                    1.78
TSI                       97
T3 Total Serum   88
T4, Free            0.94
Thy,Peroxid, AB                        810.4

When you post labs, you have to post reference ranges as well since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report.  The best way to do that is usually to list test, result and range in parentheses, e.g.:

TSH 1.78 (0.3-3.0)

As far as your TPOab is concerned, you can see that reference range is 0.0 to 9.0, and your result is 810.4, clearly way above range.  However, antibody counts are basically either positive or negative, and raw numbers don't mean a lot, i.e. someone with an antibody count of 100 can feel worse than someone with a count of 800.  We often see antibody counts in the hundreds or even thousands.  Just to give you some perspective, my TPOab on diagnosis was 900+, and my TGab was 3,000+.  

If you post your other ranges, we can comment further.
Your other symptoms are consistent with being Hypo.

Ans you have Hashi's.

While this may all sound scary. What this really means is that you will need medication to help add Thyroid.  Hashi's is progressive which means that your dosage of medication will likely increase over time.

The trick or art of all of this is getting and keeping the correct dosage of medication to keep you feeling well.

One important if not critical step in this process is to ensure and demand that you ALWAYS get tested for as a minimum your FREE T3 and FREE T4 levels.

Do NOT fall into the trap that TSH is all that you need.  FUrther do NOT fall into the trap that if you are somewhere within the reference range that is "good enough". NOTHING could be further from the truth for a lot if not most people.

Most people feel well and symptom relief occurs when their FT4 is in the MIDDLE of the range if not even slightly higher. AND (that means in addition to) their FT3 is in the UPPER 1/3 of the range.

This is just a rule of thumb but seems MUCH more appropriate target to shoot for to get symptom relief than the broad reference range.  You may find the Dr will only treat/medicate you until you fall on the bottom end of the ranges.  This will keep the DR safe from being sued but it may also keep you feeling like crap.

If you have a Dr who only believes in TSH, find another Dr. You will almost assuredly not ever be treated to optimum as TSH is 100% totally unreliable to adjust medication levels to any degree of accuracy required to feel well.

Understand that Free T4 and Free T3 are the ONLY hormones your body uses.  So on that basis alone doesn't it make sense to always test for them!
My lab lists range for TPOab as < 35 IU/mL, so as you can see, these do vary lab to lab, since yours lists normal as 0 - 9 and Red Star's is < 6; however, as goolara pointed out, your 810 is clearly over range.  

You may or may not have Hashi's, since TPOab can be present in other autoimmune diseases, as well.  A final diagnosis will depend on what other thyroid tests your doctor ran.
You have been most helpful. I could not believe the answer I rec'd from the Endocrinologist when he contacted me last night.  I failed to mention that I have been on 50mcg. of levothyroxine for the past year from my PCP. She put me on it because I kept complaining of my afore mentioned symptoms...and because my TSH came back "borderline". But last night took the cake....Before I tell you what the Dr. said, I will tell you that the flag reference range on my results are as folllows:

T3 Uptake: 30.0-39.0%
TSH: 0.35-4.50uIU/mL
TSI: <=110%
T3 TOTAL, SERUM: 80-200 ng/dL
T4 FREE: 0.60-1.38 ng/dL
THY.PEROXID AB: 0.0-9.0 IU/ml

So the Dr. tells me the 810.4 is "very high" but I should do nothing. I ask if that is why I feel lousy all the time and why I can't seem to lose any weight (I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and work out for 1-2 hours and don't lose any weight). I only sleep 2-3 hours a night, I am ALWAYS freezing...I am constipated all the time regardless of what I eat, etc...he told me that is why I am taking the medication and that is what it is for.  I then asked him if I could have the Hashi's disease and he said "no" where would I get that idea??? and told me he needed to take another call. I asked when I needed to come in to be seen again so that we could make sure my meds were the right dose and he said maybe six months...has anyone EVER been treated like this? Is this normal?? I have never been to an Endocrinologist before.  Maybe 810.4 is really nothing???? Help?
Unfortunately many people have been equally ill treated.

Try to find another Dr.  You never got tested for FREE T3 only Total which is outdated and not much value.  But it shows that it is at the very bottom end of the range.

Your FT4 is a bit low but not horrible.

In your case I might suggest you lobby your Dr to try natural dissected thyroid (Armour, Nature Thyroid or Efra) which would give you a bit of a T3 boost.
"...has anyone EVER been treated like this? Is this normal??"  Well, I guess if by "normal" you mean the way most doctors treat thyroid patients, on my bad days, I'd have to say 'yes, it is normal'"!  LOL  Is it right?  He//, no.

I agree that you have to lose this doctor.  Your TPOab definitely indicates Hashi's.  

Another concern is your TSI level.  While it is within range at 97 with a reference range of less-than 110%, this is also an indication of Graves'  disease.  "Normal" people don't produce TSI and have levels less-than 2%.   The upper limit of the TSI range is set where most people usually begin to show symptoms of Graves'.

It sounds like a contratiction that you can have both Hashi's (hypo mostly) and Graves' (hyper), but, although rare, it does happen.  Basically, at any one time, one is more active, and that is the one treated.  The Graves' antibodies may never be a factor for you if the Hashi's antibodies "kill" off your thyroid first since TSI can't do any damage once your thyroid is dead.  However, it does bear being aware of and watching.

You might PM one of our members, gimel, who maintains a list of thyroid doctors recommended by patients.  He may know of someone in your area.    

Let me assure you that a TPOab of 810 is "something".  This doctor wants to ignore your symptoms and let you suffer for the next six months...don't let him do that.    
I have a TSH of 0.419 and a TPO of 5.0, I have undergone thyroid ultrasounds showing that I have multiple nodules on both sides of my thyroid noting that it is consistent with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My TSH goes up and down. My last throid uptake (2years ago) showed 85%. I am scheduled for a repeat next week. My thyroid biopsy was canceled for this test. I am confused that my TPO is within normal range! Can anyone explain this to me?
Some people with Hashi's are TPOab positive, some TGab (thyroglobulin antibodies) and some both.  Apparently, a very small percentage of people with Hashi's test negative to both antibodies.

The next step would be to test TGab.  
I have been diagonosed with an enlarged thyroid (goiter).  In January 2013 my TSH was...




Here are the results of my other labs from 4/19

sodium  145 (range of 135-145)
Potassium 3.9 (range 3.5 - 5.0)
Chloride 106 (range 980-0107)
CO2 26 (range 22 - 30)
Urea Nitrogen 17 (range 7-21)
Creatinine .61 (range .60-1.0)
EST. GFR (MDRD) 60 (range 60)
anion gap 13 (range 90-015)
Bun/Creat Ratio 28 (range undefined)
Glucose, Random 80 (range 65 - 179)
Calcium 9.2 (range 8.5-10.2)
magnesium 2.0 (range 1.6-2.2)
phosphorus 3.5 (range 2.4-4.5)
uric acid 4.2 (range 3.0 - 6.5)
Protein, Total 6.9 (range 6.6-8.0)
Albumin 4.1 (range 3.50-05.0)
AST 25 (range 14-38)
ALT 25 (range 15 - 48)
PRO-BNP 86 (range 0-178)

T4 Total...6.7 (range 5.5 - 11.0)
TSH.....2.9 (range .60-3.3)
T3 Total....1.3 (range 1.0-1.7)
T3 Free...3.65 (range 2.71-6.16)
T4 Free .93....(range .71 - 1.4)

Thyroperos AB .36 (range 0.0-5.6)

Can anyone help decifer these results....I have the following symptoms...

Carpal Tunnel both wrists (surgery in left wrist in February)
Extreme Fatigue
Muscle aches in my arms
major depression
Panic Disorder
Heart Palpitations
Very difficult to loose weight with diet and exercise
Brain Fog, poor memory, poor concentration
Calloused heels

All comments appreciated!

I'd just like to clarify that your TPOab result was 0.36 (not 36), with a range of 0.0-5.6.  Is that correct?
Wow!  I have all your symptoms!  My Thyroid Peroxidase AB was 259 iu/ml (<35).  My TSH 8.92 mIU/L (0.40-4.50); my RDW in CBC 15.2% (11-15%); Vitamin D, 25-OH, Total 35 ng/ml (30-100).  I feel terrible!  I'm taking Synthroid 125 mcg; 50,000 IU/wk Vitamin D and I will soon start to take Progesterone SR 25mg daily.  Lupus, RA and Sjogren's antibodies tests came back within normal range.
I just got my thyroid test results and the figures look as follows
FT4 - 7.9
TSH - 35.44
FT3 - 4.2

Throglobulin Antibodies - 865
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies - 649
Anti Nuclear Antibody Titre - 1280

What does it mean for me? Since the acceptable limits are far less, I am concerned for what it means for me? We are also trying for a baby, and my doctor suggested against it, for concerns with the brain development of the foetus.

Can you please suggest what this may mean for me?

Thanks, Diya  
Since thyroid test results and associated reference ranges vary from lab to lab, it is important to always compare results to the ranges from that specific lab.  Please post the reference ranges for the tests you listed above.  
Yes. Some years ago, not too awful long after I had some benign nodules removed  (not an endocrinologist ), I was finally referred to a just awful endocrinologist. All he could talk about was how fat I was (I weighed about 160) and that my test results were fine and I didn't need to come back. Over about the last 25 or so years my PCP would test my TSH and say I was fine. As time went on, I began to feel bad and then worse and worse. The PCP, unknown to me tried to refer me to this jerk again. He said he would never see me again as I was noncompliant. I have no clue to what he was talking about. But I didn't want to see him anyway. I had to go to another city for the endocrinologist I now have. She is wonderful! She got right on the ball with testing, ultrasound and needle aspiration of my new nodules. I was terribly hyperthyroid with huge nodules and extremely large thyroid. In no time I was getting a thyroid ablation as I elected not to have surgery. I am slowly getting better but will eventually go into permanent hypothyroidism as the ablation kills the thyroid. But that's ok. She closely monitors me and there's meds for that. My humble advice to you is, run as far as you can from your current doctor. You can look online for endocrinologist's ratings and patient satisfaction ratings. Do research on different doctors and if you don't like the next one, try another one. We're taking about your health here and you deserve the best and brightest there is. I wish you God speed in your search. God bless
I have all the same exact symptoms. Where u ever given a diagnosis?
My thyroid test result
T4 free 1.35
Tsh 3.030
Tyroid Peroxidase(tpo)17
Thyroid antibody  <1.0
Triiodothyronime,free serum 2.4
I'm conocer about this result, are there normal,
because I dont feel good.
Thank you in advance for you help.
Please post the reference ranges for those tests, as shown on the lab report.  Since test results and calculated ranges can vary somewhat from one lab to another it is important to always compare the two from the same lab.  

Also please tell us about symptoms you have.  
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