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Complex Cyst

I had ultrasound and FNB/A fine needle biopsy and both results came out as complex cyst about 3cm and no sign of cancer. my T3 &T4 are in a fine level. I have shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing(like a sorethroat) and uncomfprtable around neck and ear. my questions?
what is complex cyst? and what is the best treatment? how are the chances of being thyroid cancer (possible that they missed it)? Is there any other test that could be done?


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Hi Bita,

It sounds like your cyst is so large that it may indicate surgery (with your difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath).  Your doctors may recommend surgery just for that reason.

Complex cyst means that it is comprised of both solid and fluid materials.  Complex cysts are a bit more worrisome than fluid cysts.

There is no way of knowing whether or not there is cancer in there unless either they get lucky with that little needle and find something conclusive or you have surgery then they do pathology.  There's no tests to tell for sure.

I had two sisters who had FNAs - both results were negative for cancer - both had cancer.   I'm just not a huge fan of FNAs - that's why I opted not to have one and just jumped ahead and had surgery.   My nodule was tiny (5mm) and everyone told me I was being too aggressive.  It was cancerous though so I guess that listening to my gut instinct paid off.

You have a lot of things to discuss with your doctor and, if you choose, to talk about with a surgeon (doesn't mean you have to have the surgery - just a surgical consult).

Hang in there and please, let us know!!!


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