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Confused about bloodwork results thyroid
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Confused about bloodwork results thyroid

Hi! Im new to this, but for short I am an 18 year old male, 170 pounds, and 5 foot 11. So for my background, I was a high intensity sports player since I was able to walk, always healthy, no issues of any kind up until about 2 years ago at age 16. Around that time, being a high school lacrosse player with a bright future ahead of me in sports, my health seemed to change. The first problem I began to have was constantly being EXHAUSTED. Though it was a struggle, I could manage. Then, even being as tired as I was all the time, I began staying awake very late at night for no reason at all and once I did manage to fall asleep, I could sleep through the night, and all through the next day. I could honestly sleep all day with no effort at all if nobody forced me to wake up or I didnt force myself. At the time, I was a very very slender kid weighing in at 130 pounds and being 5'11. I actually looked too skinny and unhealthy which alot of people told me, though I ate very often, heathy, and if anything tried to gain weight. Though I was skinny I was in good athletic shape for my sport (lacrosse) and I played very well. After the tiredness began, I started losing my concentration in school and work. Gradually, I became more confused and my grades declined from a 3.5 gpa to a 2.8. Then came the brain fog. I just generally did not feel like myself and it greatly bothered me. My hair became very brittle and thin to the point where its so light it almost looks grey (I have black hair). My facial hair also grew thin and I stopped growing hair all together on some parts of my face and body. I grew depressed and very anxious for no apparent reason. I had absolutely no reason to feel this way and still dont. I went from being a starting varsity player to a backup and never played. I was clumsy, so anxious I couldnt complete simple tasks or conversations, and off balance. My vision seems to have change (though it could be the brain fog or lack of attention span lol) and after graduating half a year ago from high school, my too skinny of a body gained a rapid 35 to 40 pounds of some serious unhealthy weight. Others say I look healthier with the weight and look somewhat more normal, but I do not feel it. And no I dont eat because im depressed lol its more so Im anxious about little things. My confidence and motivation has plummeted, and its not that i feel down on myself or anything I just feel like my emotions in general are not there anymore, including being sad. I dont feel much my life feels like such a blur now I cant believe im even writing this long hahaha but I also saw thinning in the outsides of my eyebrows as well. My skin and scalp are ridiculously dry now especially after my shower so I think that can contribute to the thinning hair? I read alot about these symptoms being related to thyroid issues (which runs in the family, grandma and aunt on dads side hypo, grandma and aunt on dads side hypo (grandma had goiter and whole thyroid removed) So i asked my doctor to do some blood work and here are my results (which he says are normal). Anybody who has any insight for me and actually took the time to read this I really appreciate your help and just begging to feel better. Alot of people actually believe I am a hypochondriac or whatever and may actually be making this up, yet its funny i completely hated the doctors office until 2 years ago. Here are all of my bloodwork results and thank you all very much! :)

TSH w/ Reflex to FT4- .12 L (Range .5 - 4.3)
Free T4 - 1.5 H (Range .9 - 1.4)
Free T3 - 4.9 H (Range 2.9 - 4.6)
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies - <10 (range <35)
White Blood Cell Count - 6.2 (range 4.5- 13)
Red Blood Cell Count - 5.11 (range 4.1 - 5.7)
Hemoglobin - 16.6 (range 12.0 - 16.9)
Hematocrit - 47.9 (range 36 - 49)
MCV - 93.8 (range 78-98)
MCH - 32.5 (range 25-35)
MCHC - 34.6 (range 31-36)
RDW - 12.5 (range 11-15)
Platelet Count - 192 (range 140-400)

Testosterone, Total, Males - 698 (range 241-827)

KEEP IN MIND (all of this data was taken one week after taking an extremely small amount of a natural dessicated thyroid horomone called Thyro-Gold, which did relieve little to no symptoms)

Thank you for looking at my lab work and I hope one of you can point me in the direction of a solution.
Very sorry to hear about what you have gone through.  Had to be a very tough transition for you.  I have to say that it seems most of your symptoms are hypothyroid, yet your test results don't really confirm that.  So, I think that more tests are advisable to try and identify what is going on.  

The doctor tested for possibility of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with the TPO ab test.  He should have also tested for Thyroglobulin antibodies, since either test can confirm Hashi's.  That test is TG ab.  I would also test for the possibility of Grave's, just to be sure of that.  That test is TSI.  Further, I would test for Reverse T3, Vitamin D, B12, ferritin, and calcium.  Also suggest an ultrasound test for the thyroid gland.  

Perhaps other members will have some additional suggestions, but that is what I have for now.  When test results are available, please get a copy of the lab report and post results and reference ranges and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.  
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