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Cortisol and Thyroid
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Cortisol and Thyroid

Thanks to everyone for sharing soooo much information.

What is the relationship between Cortisol levels and the thyroid.

I was told by my new Dr that Cortisol should be added to my treatment as it will help me with Myxeodema and support my return to health.  I also need to use 3000 IUL of Vitamin D, An Omega supplement twice a day, Selenium once a day and took my T3 at 3am this monring rather than when I wake up.  The T3 makes me feel verrrry lethargic and taking it early in the morning enables me to sleep off the first two hours that I usually feel tired.  This has been my first week on Cytomel 10mcg per day I take 5mcg early morning and the other 5 around 10am.and Thyroxin 50mcg early in the morning and the other meds after a meal.  Calmag is taken before I go to bed.

Anyone have experience using a Cortisol supplement and would love to know the brandname.

I am in Asia but will be visiting the USA for a month.

Thanks to all
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Have you had your Cortisol level checked?

Its unwise to take a Cortisol supplement if your Cortisol is ok or at the upper end of the range.
Cortisol gives the 'fright and flight' response and can make you very anxious should your level be too high.
I was always told that after RAI and TT, it is normal for Cortisol to go low.
When I was tested ...mine was mid to upper range so I didnt take the supplement.

The things I was low in was...Vitamin B12, Calcium and Vitamin D...which I now take supplements for.

Ask the Doc to check your Cortisol level by a blood test.
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Do a saliva lab test from ZRT labs. They will send you the test through freight service.

Do not start any HC products prior to testing - I feel saliva is best.  If you start HC and do not know the correct amount - you can be dependant on it for life.

If you are looking to support your adrenals and strenghten them before testing them for meds - Do a seasalt drink and 3000mg - Vit C daily. This may also help your thyroid meds work better too.

Your T3 meds should not react this way for you. I think you need your Free T4 and Free T3 levels checked to make sure you are on enough meds.

Calmag is calcium supps right? - Make sure you are not intertwining that with thyroid meds.

If you are in Myxeodema, your meds are not doing it's job.
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