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Cortisol levels
Hi, I recently visited the doctor due to the following symptoms:

Joint Pain
Sore throat
stretch marks appearing all over suddenly no weight gain, loss or pregnancy

He did blood tests and all came back normal. I am still waiting for results from Mono, Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Factor. He also did a Cortisol blood serum am and pm upon my request because my Esonophils were a bit low.
My AM and PM blood cortisol was
AM 11.2
PM 11.4
He orderd me to take a 24 hour urine for cortisol due to no diurnal variation in the am and pm number.

Today I am feeling much better I am starting to think that it is all due to depression. I am now awaiting the results from the urine cortisol and am very nervous. Does it sound like it could be Cushing syndome? I understand that my cortisol is not high but there is no drop in cortisol. I am very skinny and do not have hair growing etc. Could the PM cortisol level be caused  by stress. I am always stressed out, right before I took the PM blood test I had a major arguement with my son. He is not an easy child and he really got my stress up high, Can it be caused by stress?

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