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Could this by Hypo??
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Could this by Hypo??

In 2005 I went to the doctor regarding some symptoms which I thought could be Hypothyroid.
For many years I've felt a great deal of fatigue, less stamina than others, yellow skin/jaundice (But that might be because I have Gilberts), really bad memory, difficulty concentrating for longer periods, cold hands and feet.
Other than that I also have dry facial skin, dry/brittle hair and a lowlevel tinnitus.
My biggest problem is the fatigue though, which is probably the cause of my bad concentration/foggy thinking?

My doctor then took a bloodtest in april 2005 (translating):
Bilirubin 45 (0-22) = Gilberts Syndrome, which causes yellow eyes and skin. Doctor says this shouldnt affect me any other way though.
TSH 2,33 miu/l (0,1-4)
Transferrin(ironcapacity?) 59 umol/L(49-82)
Thrombocytes 178 10^9/l (150-450)

December 2005:
Triiodthyronin-reaction (T3-test, T3 uptake) 1,19 (0,75-1,25)
TSH 4,14 miu/l (0,1-4)
Thyroxin (TT4) 79 nmol/l (60-140)
Triiodthyronin (TT3) 1,94 nmol/l (1,1-2,5)
Bilirubin 34 (0-22)

March 2006
TSH 2,92 (0,1-4)

January 2007
Bloodpressure 156/77

Could this be hypothyroid, and which tests should I get done if these arent enough?

Hope someone can help me, this is wearing me down..
Thank you.
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You need more recent thyroid test.  TSH and both FTs with Lab reference range.
Adrenals symptoms are very close to those of thyroid symptoms, as well as a lot of other health conditions.
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