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Diffuse thyromegaly with multiple nodules
Hi All:

My wife is suffering some kind of a swelling around at her Thyroid place and little right side of the thiroid. We went to the doctor and they advised the scanning.  Here is the report.

Right Lobe of Thyroid:
46 x 19 x 18mm enalrged shows multiple solid and cystic nodule of 5-13mm.  
The laternal nodule is heterongenous.  
Normal parenchymal vascularity.

Left lobe of Thyroid:  
39 x 19x16mm enclarged and shos hogenous texture.
No focla mass lesion.
Normal paenchymal vascularity

Isthmus  : 10mm with small nodule of 5mm

Lymphnode of 10mm noted laterla to the right lobe of thyroid.

Impression:  DIFFUSE THYROMEGALLY with multiple nodules actue right cervical lymphadenopathy.

So, we were given some anti biotics and pain killers for a week and we are scheduled to see the doctor this week again.  

Can some one please explain whats going wrong.  I am very much new to this subject.

Awiat for your quick help and guidance on ***@****

Thanks once again
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