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Do my symptoms sound like I have parathyroidism?
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Do my symptoms sound like I have parathyroidism?

Hi, My name is Chris and I'm a 24 years old.  5'11" 185lbs
Blood Test That have triggered abnormal!
Calcium levels- (10.8)  (10.6)  (9.7)  (10.4)
PTH Levels- (16) and (18)
Albumin levels- (5.4) and (5.4)
TSH was in the normal range at 1.09
My CO2 Levels- 29.0 is in the normal range and newest test was 32.0 which is above normal.
Not sure what Mid % OP is but that has triggered high 3 times now. 8.1 on average.
ATL was double what it should have been one time to but don't have that # right now!
My Mono % was 12.4 and normal is 3-6
Been tested twice for lames both negative.

My Symptoms starting from the worst pain.
Bones ache really bad, some time feels like they break for about 10-15min ten go back to aching.
Legs are the worst pain mainly right side, then my arms feel super heavy mainly left side,
My ribs and shoulder blades have burning sensation to them most days.
Get nauseous very quick sometimes especially laying down but also sitting.
My stomach hurts bad get a pulsing sensation just right of belly button.
Get cold chills.
Can't stand for long periods of time just hurts.
Getting bad head aches manly behind right eye vision blurs too on right side
ears rings sometimes and get ear aches.
Throat hurts/Dry and I drink a ton of water and only water no pop or juice.
And I have frequent urination through out the day like 10-30 times a day.
I have been to the ER and 3 doctors just curious if you guys think I might have some of the symptoms of parathyroidism.
Sorry, I'm not the best at writing stuff out in proper form and sorry for any spelling errors. Thank for any Help

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Has no one experienced any of these symptoms or should I look at some other illness.
What are the reference ranges for the PTH and calcium?  Ranges vary lab to lab, so must come from your own lab report.

Your symptoms correspond with a number of different illnesses.  Is TSH the only test you had done for thyroid?  You should also have Free T3, Free T4 and antibody tests done.  

"Been tested twice for lames both negative."  Do you mean Lyme Disease?  I'm not real familiar with the tests for Lyme, but there are certain things that need to be looked at and if the doctor doesn't know how to read the test properly, there could be a false negative.  Your symptoms very closely match those of Lyme; however, the high calcium levels are certainly a concern, as well and should be thoroughly investigated.  

You may have more than one issue going on.
Thank You, Barb135 So Much For The Reply!

PTH, INTACT Standard range 14.0 - 72.0pg/ml. I have had 16.2pg/ml and have had 18.4pg/ml! I think I read some where any time it is under 20 it not that great but I could have miss read some thing.
CALCIUM, SERUM standard range 8.6 - 10.2mg/dL. And one other was 8.5-10.3mg/dL. So my numbers once again were 10.8mg/dL -10.6mg/dL- 9.7mg/dL- and the newest one 10.4mg/dl in order. Could the calcium be getting sucked from my bones causing them to ache?
And Yes Lymes- sorry for the misspelling it hard to think on 3hrs of sleep on average for the past couple of weeks.
I have read people that had Lymes for years and always got misdiagnosed, so do you have any pointers on how to find a good doctor for that or for good test.
But anyways I will have to ask for those Free T3 and Free T4 test. Can a normal doctor perform these test or do I need to see a specialist.

I think that TSH has been the only one I have been tested for.

Also before my bone really started to hurt I was put on a lot of vitamin D for about a week to two weeks my bones since then have hurt really really bad.I stopped taking the Vitamin D just in case that was the thing that triggered my bones to ache. Would this have any thing to do with the parathyroidism? or has any one else reacted bad to Vitamin D.


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