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Elevated TSH and positive ANA
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Elevated TSH and positive ANA


Last december my TSH was at 4.3 (T3 and T4 normal and negative antibody test).
Now my TSH is at 5.8 (T3 and T4 normal) but an antinuclear antibody test turned out positive.
The result was 10 (normal range 0-9.99).

I've had the test redone because of symptoms in january (cramps, fatigue, RLS-like creeping feelings
on legs, buzzing, etc).

What kind this ANA test result signify, if anything?
And is it significant enough to do somthing about it?


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You're 0.01 point above limit?

ANA presence signifies the possibility of having an auto-immune disorder. Here is a link that explains ANA better.

It is not specific to thyroid disease, but rather it is an indicator of a wide variety of auto-immune diseases.

You should ask for thyroid anti-body tests.

TPOab and TGab, in particular. There are others, but those two would be apropriate for you with a TSH that is above lab limits.

Your TSH IS above limits, isn't it?
Never know, with labs using different test ranges.

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies or anti-thyroglogulin antibodies would indicate Hashimoto's, which would give you a diagnosis and probably a prescription.  

Not that you want that to happen, but your TSH is going up for a reason.
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Thanks for taking the time to answer.  Yes my TSH was 4.3 in spring 2007,
4.2 in fall 2007 (lower), and now it's at 5.78.  Seems to be going up and down...

In fall 2007 the test for thyroid specific antibodies returned negative.

I can't seem to find the significance of those new ANA test results I just got (10
in a 0-9.99 range).  This seems to be very borderline...  Anyway I guess
I'll have to wait for my appointment with my GP.

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