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Fluctuating TSH, Stable FreeT4 feel bad
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Fluctuating TSH, Stable FreeT4 feel bad


This all started about 2 years ago. I was a very fit 31 year old no previous health problems.

I did a MTB race and came back with a little cold and my tooth/gum hurt. It had been hurting on/off for a while. Booked dental appointment a few days later, by which time I felt fine.

Dentist cut out diseased gum and put a filling over it, yes I know seems mad.

Anyhow I came down with massive fever and serious pain in my mouth. Had some antiboitics (for first time in my life). But it never seemed to settle down for the next 6 months I was on antibiotics until I convinced the denetists just to take tooth out (no decay inside tooth).

I then felt better for a bit, but since then I have had odd sympotums. Extreme fatigue, mild pain in joints ie knucles/feet/ankles, Extreme pain in neck, constant stiff neck.

Occasionally my sympotums seem to relieve in fact they seemed to go for about 4 months. Unfortunately I then seemed to get some gut problems. Had rectal bleeding and constipation and my rectum seemed very dry according to dr.

I also seem to need to take vitamins now which I never needed to take before. I went to warsaw for a conference and did bring them by the end of the week I was so tired and much pain in neck/hands. Took the vitamins and quickly started to feel better.

Im getting a lymes test done in case while mtbing (in a lymes area UK) I got bit and didnt notice.

Right my TSH levels have varied and I do sometimes seem to get times when I feel a bit cold/constipated/tired and other times when I feel hot/pooy/sleepless.

June 2011 - TSH 3.7 felt really bad
June 2012 - TSH 4.7 Free T4 21.7 Felt ok just a bit hot
Sept 2012 - TSH 2.6 Free T4 21.5 felt cold / tired / slow

My TSH seems to be varying but my Free T4 seems solid. I suppose this could be early onset Hashimotos ? But my Free T4 seems solid ? Why should I feel so bad already ?

My main sympotums are fatigue and neck aches that seems to build and build and build then suddenly release and its ok for a bit again.

The other thing is the filling on the outside of my tooth was kinda disaggregating till it was removed so I do wonder whether I got mercury posining.
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T4 Free range pmol/L

normal max  9 - 23
normal  min 12-18

People often seem to say your FreeT4 should be in the high end to feel normal which mine is.

Is it possible my normal Free T4 before I got ill might have been even higher ? ie I might need a FreeT4 of 25 and my thyroid is failing and ONLY producing 22.
Thyroid antibodies can cause symptoms without affecting TSH, free T4, or free T3.  Other labs to check out include free T3, thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb), thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb), reverse T3 (high levels blocks the action of free T3).

The mineral selenium is an antioxidant, helps regulate thyroid function, helps the immune system, may play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease, and detoxifies mercury.  Brazil nuts are the highest source of selenium.
TSH is a pituitary hormone and can fluctuate for a variety of reasons.  

Many/most of us feel best with FT4 about mid range and FT3 in the upper 1.3 of its range. Your FT4 is much higher than that, but without an FT3, we don't know what's going on.  
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