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Good doc in Lewiston/Auburn Maine
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Good doc in Lewiston/Auburn Maine

Need help finding a doctor who knows enough to order the right tests with every blood draw and to dose according to symptoms and believes in T3 and natural dessicated thyroid in my area.  Lewiston/Auburn Maine
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For over 4 years I have been gathering names of doctors recommended by fellow members.  Unfortunately I don't have one for that area.  I have done some searching and found a dozen doctors that need to be further evaluated to see if they fit your needs.   Sending some names by PM to review with you and proceed from there.  Just click on your name and then go to messages.  
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That is unfortunate for sure.  Hypo started after my daughter was born in 2000.  Diagnosed in 2002.   I have NO PATIENCE for side effects or over and underdosing at this point. Symptoms have my life at a grand halt.  Metabolism seems like it's ceasing up.  Basically eating only protein.  Seem to have developed some kind of carbohydrate intolerance.  Hope THAT is temporary.   Hoping that a gluten free diet will help encourage some kind of colonic activity. Been on it for about 2 months now.  Gums swell constantly.  I cracked a molar. New endo (one visit) laughed at my TSH of 5.87 and claimed "THAT'S" not what's causing your symptoms.  Good Lord!   TSH has been 88 in the past.  It went down all by itself over the years and THAT was better than any meds!!   CANNOT navigate forums usually AT ALL, so thanks for the help with that.  I will click on my name later.  Thanks for your quick reply.  
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CMMC Family Medicine Residency in Lewiston is crawling with what I guess are new doctors accepting new patients.  I called asking if any one of those doctors would prescribe Armour.  Of course the person on the other end drew a blank.  "You'd have to make an appointment to find out,"  she said.
Yuh, I don't THINK so.
I explained that making appointment after appointment with doctors who REFUSE to prescribe Armour (like my current endo) would be FUTILE.  I asked if doctors could be asked first and then, if one WOULD prescribe Armour, I'd make an appointment.  
I got a call back a week later (yesterday) --very unexpected at this point.
Apparently it's not a problem?  The woman, who does not give her name, claims she spoke to ONE doctor who spoke for all the others and said that a prescription for Armour could and would be written by ANY doctor there and it should not be a problem.  What I am wondering now is:  Should I rely on this 25 mcg of Tirosint that I started three days ago and be hopeful OR should I run to the nearest doctor who will prescribe Armour?  I have the following test results for a one year period when I was just a lab rat apparently:

Levothyroxine 100 mcg
TSH       .65
Free T4  1.07
Felt SO bad you can't imagine.  Chose to STOP taking T4 on my own.

TSH      4.19
Free T4   .82
Getting Levothyroxine out of my system.  Felt better here.

Did lots of research and started looking for Armour Thyroid script.  TSH skyrocketed to 88.55 in the meantime>
TSH      88,55
Free T4     ,40

TSH       16.46
Free T4      .62
Free T3      2.7
After one month on Armour above.  One grain.

TSH        2.17
Free T4     .67

TSH      .32
Free T4  .72
Free T3  3.1
Did not feel good.  Stopped Armour for a bit.  Good Lord!

TSH     68,28
Free T4   .43

I was nursing my child and that was not helping so I stopped nursing.    I started biting tiny pieces of the Armour Thyroid once a day.
TSH    32.14
Free T4   .59
Free T3  2.3

TSH        27.48
Free T4  .57

TSH      5.86  
Free T4   .70
Here I don't even know what happened or what I was doing.  I just have a copy of this test.  Maybe I stopped keeping track for a while, but managed to have this one.  I know I felt terrible!!!!  

I finally try again in 2010 after I get out of bed!!!!
TSH       4.74
Free T4   NOT TESTED!  must have been a thyroid cascade!!!!

Most recent (well almost)
TSH          5.64
Free T4      .71
This is with no meds.  Pretty much where I was in 2006.

Last test showed TSH of 10 or so.  Have not gone to pick up a copy yet.
Apparently adrenals looked good???????  Feel like they're shot!!!!!
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Doctors in the Biddeford Maine area that prescribe Armor Thyroid?
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