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Graves Treatments - Time to Decide
So I am out of remission after two years and the Hyper is back and better than ever.....
My uptake in 2008 was 28%, my uptake now is 63.3%.  Positive for Graves anti-bodies and all of the standard blood tests are numbers I never saw in 2008.

My new Endo gave me two options and then took one of them off the table - basically.  I used PTU the first time around and he told me that I would be taking a much higher dose this time and 3 x's daily for two to three years and possibly forever.  Then he repeated all of the fantastic side effects that could occur at anytime while taking the PTU.  Before you ask why I don't just take Tapozole(sp) - I cannot tolerate it.  

He is pushing hard for RAI obviously.  He said that surgery is too "radical".  My best option is RAI.  I told him I needed some time to make a decision yesterday and I have until this coming Tuesday the 22nd to figure it out.

I have mild eye issues.  I have since 2008, though they do get better occasionally.  My main issue is swelling of the lids and dry, gritty eyes.  I have huge bags under my eyes and one eye is always a bit bigger than the other.  I don't have time to see an Optometrist before the 22nd but I think it's safe to say that I do have eye involvement.

I would prefer to have surgery.  This is my second time around and I am miserable and I just want this to be done and over with.  I'm just beyond frustrated right now and I feel like I'm backed into a corner and have no choice at all but to go with RAI - He says isolation for two to three days....really?  And where am I supposed to isolate myself?  
I live in a two bedroom apartment with my fiance and our cat and ONE bathroom.

Yup - I know I sound angry.....I am.  I am just tired I guess.
Anyone want to make this decision for me??  (<--- sarcasm)
Apparently University of Madison, WI is now advocating for surgery for Graves patients....anyone hear about this?

GAH!!! What to do?

Any good bad experiences from RAI are very welcomed as well!!
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