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HCG and weight loss?
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HCG and weight loss?

This is interesting on what I found out from the Facebook "My HGH plus" group. Take a look at this information on mixing HCG with dextrose. Now it looks like people on NDT may not have HCG as a option to assist them with weight loss.

Q: I have a question. I read this from you on a post about stevia. "This product must be avoided as it contains dextrose which is a sugar additive. This additive is know for causing stalls and gains."

I am a thyroid patient on Natural Desiccated Thyroid made w/ dextrose. How does that work now? Am I not a candidate for HCG?

A: MyHCGPlus
We have found that folks on thyroid medications still do very well with hCG, though I'm not sure if any of our clients have used that particular type of medicine. Could you work with your doctor to find out if a different type of thyroid med is available to you? If not, you're more than welcome to still give it a try, depending on the amount of dextrose in the med you may still be okay.

Q: no way. You have to understand thyroid medication and how tough it is to find one to stabilize this disease. This is interesting that this post was found b/c so many thyroid patients talk about wanting to start HCG and the information isn't... out there alot on this dextrose issue. Most may not be able to put that together with taking a natural desiccated with dextrose that does great for so many and not realize how the HCG would react.

That comment of looking for another type of thyroid medication just went through me like a knife. Its apparent that this person has little knowledge of how tough it is hormonally for thypatients to find a good med that works well for them.

I know weight loss is a big issue for many of us - but again llooking at data and making sure you know the people offering you information truely understands your condition. I am fearful that the HCG diet specialist really have no clue how these thyroid hormones react when the disease is present.

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Not sure if I'm allowed to do this or not, but will, and suffer the consequences --- being a thyroid patient, who is pretty much optimal, at this point, AND being a CoCL of the Weight Loss and Dieting forum, I'd have to say that HCG is not a good way to go for losing weight........ even if you "don't" have a thyroid issue..

Aside from whatever effects from the thyroid med, HCG diets require very limited calories/day (around 500), which is just not good for the body, cutting calories that low can be dangerous; not to mention that when you go off the HCG diet, the chances of regaining the lost weight are astronomical...... most gain it all back, plus some......

Much better to make small changes in your lifestyle/schedule that you can stick with over the long haul; fill your plate with steamed veggies instead of pasta, switch to low fat dairy; eat fish; take the stairs instead of the elevator, park in the far corner of the parking lot and walk....... small things, but they can work........

I do implement the suggestions above. and I'm going to go out on a limb here - I'm in the process of reading the book "The Flex Diet", written by Dr James Beckerman, who is the expert cardiologist for MH...... I'm not completely finished reading it, but this book is going to lead me to my goal.  It doesn't require you to eliminate carbs or fat (go for the "good" ones) or anything else; it's all about making wiser choices and small changes that will fit into your lifestyle.  

Once I finish the book, I plan to make a list of the suggestions that will work for me and implement at least one/week........

BTW - Dr Beckerman actually says that science does not  support the use of HCG for weight loss, and there ARE side effects from it......

Stevia is my sweetener of choice, because it is natural and does not 'spike' the blood sugar.......

Barb - this freaked me out. Plain and simple..

As you know we face this diet issues all the time - especially with hypothyroid patients not losing weight.

I included recently..

It was a shock for me that people could read about HCG and then by chance see the dextrose problems...

I don't think we will elimate the HCG people but I did want to post this here for others to see how unknowledgable the members on HCG are when it comes to real thyroid care and wellness - all to lose a few pounds that still may not work for people.

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