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Hair loss, Haircolor and Skin Care

I was asked to repost this so that many of you can hopefully benefits from this.  

Craniac3 asked this question:
My hair has been falling out for a few months now. I think (hope) I am getting stabilized on Synthroid (88 mcg). My gray roots are starting to show, so it's about time for a dye job, but I'm petrified to do anything to further aggravate the hair loss situation. On the other hand, it's crummy enough to feel lousy without having to look hideous, too... I hate to sound so vain and shallow when some of you are dealing with thyroid cancer and much more serious issues, but who knows these things better than you folks??!!

I am a cosmetology student about to finish and take my state boards by the end of the year.  Without seeing or touching your hair I can only speculate but here goes...I have been diagnosed with hashimoto's thyroiditis and am 5 weeks post op.  I am currently on 175mcg of Synthroid.  I had lost a lot of hair prior to surgery and after surgery I lost quite a bit more...usually this is due to anesthesia.  I will say that I have a lot of gray but I have never stopped coloring my hair.  With that being said...I would have a professional do it, if it is too expensive you can go to a beauty school and get it at a reduced cost...yes it will be done by a student but will be supervised by a licensed instructor with a Cosmetology license as well.  You have to be careful what type of color you use, I would probably go with a permanent haircolor on your regrowth and a demi-permanent (which is milder on your hair and is what I use).  I would be careful about using a color that lightens or extremely blond highlights all over your hair but I found that just putting honey colored highlights on the top area of my head kept the gray from showing longer...kinda like it blended in with the gray as it grew out and buys you time in between color services.  You can probably see from my pic when you cursor my screen name that I was blond...I am now a brunette of medium shade and highlights on top.  At this time I can truly say that I do not ever plan on giving up my haircolor!!!  

Another thing...any type of medication or vitamins that you take affect the way a haircolor service will process.  This just means that when you go to get it done you need to tell them if you are on thyroid, diabetes, heart or high blood pressure medications.  Anything you take orally into your body shows up in your hair.  I would suggest a mild shampoo and some really good conditioning treatments. I prefer Paul Mitchell or Matrix Biolage reconstructive treatments but others like Nioxin to help stimulate the hair follicles for hair growth...I have used this and so has my mother.  We both liked the product but when you stop using it the benefits don't continue. Not that you lose hair again but it just doesn't feel as good.
And don't worry is not vain or shallow to worry about losing your hair under any circumstances.

Another thing...They now have touch up kits that slightly color your hair temporarily.  When my hair was darker I even took Brown mascara and colored in around my hairline.  It can get messy but after blow drying and spraying with hairspray I wore it out to a fancy dinner and it worked.  I wasn't uncomfortable or paranoid about people seeing it.  It blended very well.

My husband and I feel very strongly about this so we are opening our own Salon & Spa in our home town sometime next spring or summer.  He is in massage therapy school.  The one thing that really bothers me is that the 3pk of Nioxin is sold at some salons and even the school I attend for about $35 but we get it for $17.50.  I think this is awful.  I understand people wanting to make money but the people who need these products are those going through various types of illnesses from mild to severe and I feel it is taking advantage of someone when they are down.  If any of you can't get it for the lower price I would be glad to get it and mail it to you at home or for safety reasons...a PO box.  

I love to answer these questions...about hair and skin.  It kinda tests me on what I know and need to know better.   I have also been through most of these same problems and through working with my instructor we have used me as a guinea pig on a lot of products.  I was the model for a $100 facial lift product...but found that my mix of distilled water, witch hazel and vitamin E oil worked much better.  Of course with the facial lift you get the massage and cleansing too but you don't get any longer term benefits than with other products.  I am a strong believer that people can mix up a lot of their own beauty products at home.  I swear by Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil and glycerin for my scrubs, lip balms and creams for stretch marks.

As another tidbit...that you might like to know if you have little school age kids or are around them alot did you know that in preventing head lice...lice hate Tea Tree Oil...You can wash your hair with Tea Tree Shampoo.  I bought a bottle for my sons teacher last year because she was always so hands on...or should I say head to head with the kids.  My little boy, husband and daughter(that worked at a daycare) all used it and never had a problem.  My son's teacher said she never had a incident with lice and also recommended it to several parents in the class.  Paul Mitchell probably has the best product and really gives your head a good tingle but the tea tree shampoo you buy at Sally's Beauty Supply has the same amount of tea tree oil but doesn't have the tingle.  

I recommend chloestral conditioning is about $5 for a large pot and mine has lasted about 6 to 8 months.  This also can be bought at Sallys or any other public beauty supply.

Hope this helps everyone and sorry it was so long.  I combined a few entries into one.
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Thanks - it certainly is very informative - I never realized about the tea tree oil either. thanks again

Does the tea tree shampoo smell like the real stuff?  I use tea tree oil, full strength, for yeast infections.  It stinks to high heaven.  Burns, too, so I would imagine it would at least tingle.  

Thanks for all the info. I recently read an article that said most skin products are overkill. It's the simple, basic things that our grandmothers used (witch hazel, vaseline, etc.) that work the best. All this "anti-aging" advertising is a bunch of hooey, and I seem to be allergic to many of the chemicals they add.

Another question for you, though: Do you think the Nioxin products alter your haircolor? My hairdresser puts on a honey brown that is reddening up. Can't decide if it's the Nioxin changing the color, or the summer sun. But I only get out on weekends, and it's 50/50 if it's sunny... But I also use the Nioxin that's supposed to be safe for color-treated hair. Or can I legitimately blame it on the thyroid???
No the tea tree shampoo actually smells minty.  I also ust the other help with my manicure after removing my acrylics prevent any bacteria and you are right it does smell awful.  The shampoo does have a tingle.  I find that people either love it or middle ground.  I love it because I love to wash my hair in cooler water and this just makes it tingle more.  My scalp feels so clean.

I will tell you that I have used basic products for years and my body scrub actually has canola oil as the base...because my skin is so dry and I seriously think this is what kept my skin and is still keeping some softness to my skin even during the thyroid hell I went through.  I don't mean to brag but to be perfectly honest most people I meet guess my age at about 5-10 years younger than I am.  I know one lady that taught my mom to use vitamin E oil or oil from tablets under her eyes as a softner and reducer of dark circles and bags, and worked well for my mom for years and I use it now.
As far as the nioxin fading your haircolor I am not sure.  I used it while coloring my hair and as long as I used the combo for chemically treated hair I was fine.  The only difference was when I went with the warm browns and red tones.  They are the hardest colors to keep vibrant, especially red since it fades faster than other color.  It also depends on how often you wash your hair, the environment you live in (I live in a valley of plants, factories and refineries), exposure to sun and chlorine from pools.  It also depends on other hair care products like mousse, gels, and hairsprays.  But in all honesty it can also be affected by medications, vitamins and illnesses.  
Hope this helps
Hi Suzie. I was looking for info on the thyroid affecting hair color treatments and I came across  your post. It is very informative.
I have Hashimotos also but not a very severe case. When I went to the endocrinologist last month, my TSH was off and they changed my dose of Synthroid to .112 .  Today, when i got my hair colored, it came out really light along both sides of my scalp and had to be redone. I was very surprised when my hairdresser asked me if I had thyroid problems.
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