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Hello all - test results at last!
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Hello all - test results at last!

Have been away for nearly a month! Hope you are all ok out there?

After all this time and many requests I have finally got a print out of my blood results. I am meeting with the Endo next week to discuss them but would really appreciate any comments beforehand.  I am particularly concerned about the free t3/t4, tsh and the thyroid peroxidase results as I am still very achey (achy), tired and shaky at times.  Just still not on top form since my PT.  I am not on any meds at all.  

ok - here goes

tsh         3.66   ref range 0.27 - 4.2
free t3     5.0    ref range 2.8 - 7.1
free t4     15     ref range 10 - 24
cortisol   333    ref range 200 - 700

anti nuc anti bodies - positive
anti dna antibodies - 4 (0 - 20 being negative)
anti nuclear antibody titre - 1:160 - comment - suggest repeat in 3 months to ***** significance of weak ANA

thyroid peroxidase 153 -      normal being less than 50 iu/ml
                                         borderline 51 - 75
                                         elevated being greater than 76
comment - raised tpa antibodies found suggestive of autoimmune thyroid disease

LOTS more results - renal/liver profiles etc.- on the printouts but they all seem pretty normal.

So, any comments would be very greatly recieved!

Thanks so much
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WELCOME BACK after vacation!  I am not your lab techie .. so I'm sure others will jump right in!

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Your thyroid peroxidase antibodies result is low, although above lab limit. As the report says, it is suggestive of autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashimoto's in this case, but not conclusive.

The titer is quite low, which means it is not doing a great deal of damage, and coupled with the ANA test, may suggest something other than Hashimoto's. An autoimmune condition, but to assume it is Hashimoto's rather than Rheumatoid Arthritis or some other ailment would be a mistake.

Your TSH is a bit high. You Free T4 is low, although your Free T3 looks fairly good. The Free T3 may be a tad low, but it is very close to where it ought to be.

MY doctor would suggest a trial period with a low dose of thyroid hormone replacement medication. It's hard to say what your Endo will think. Truthfully, if you could have other blood tests run to "check the fluid levels", you might be able to optimize your thyroid performance and avoid medication.

If you are a little low in iodine, selenium, magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D, and correct the deficiency, you may be able to rejuvinate your thyroid and your levels might fall in line.

Just my thoughts.  
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The cortisol is hard to comment on.
I think it can vary a lot depending on time of day.
You have some, though. LOL!!!
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Hi guys and thanks xxx

Bit confused by the thyroid peroxidase antibodies thingy?  Is 153 low? even though >76 is stated as 'elevated' on my report?  Confused - I am!

Plus I don't know what the 'titre' thing is either - and why it would need to be re-checked.  What IS an 'anti nuclear antibody'?  Does it mean if the bomb drops I'll be ok? LOL!!

Any comments ALWAYS appreciated
213044 tn?1236531060
Titer is a fancy way of saying number, or count.
Your TPOab titer is 153.
It costs more when you say it like that. LOL!!

153 is low. It's a positive test, and 153 is clinically significant, but the damage it does to your thyroid is much slower than if the titer was 800 or 1,000, or 4,000+, like some lady posted the other day.

Antinuclear antibody is also called ANA, and an ANA test that is positive indicates some type of autoimmune disorder. It is not usually found in thyroid patients.

It's been a long time since I read up on it, so I'm a little fuzzy on ANA.
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Hi, when I was first tested my TPOab was 86 then it went up to 146.  I felt horrible (and had for years) so the dr put me on meds (currently 50mg of levo)...

I've seen people with numbers so much higher, some in the thousands, who have lots of symptoms and aren't being treated ... :(

But I feel so much better now...more like my old self than in years (my 20 year old daughter wanted to know "what was up" with me!!!  She didn't even remember me from before I started having symptoms.)  So if the antibodies are attacking the thyroid (and causing symptoms) which will eventually destroy the thyroid...and taking the meds may slow (stop, even out???) the process; I'm all for it before I feel like **** even one more day.  In my case the TPOab has stabalized for now...  :)

...So, when you meet with the Endo...discuss a trial of meds to see if you feel better and if your TSH will get closer to 1 (mine did).

Good Luck....Sandy
213044 tn?1236531060
Here's a link that discusses the ANA test, and it says it is sometimes found in people with Hashimoto's.
215021 tn?1224886057
Yep, thats pretty much what I want now - a trial on low dose meds to see how I feel and if they make any difference.
Thanks again and my love to you all!  ***waves across the pond***
J x
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