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Help with Labs..Feeling Crappy Again!
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Help with Labs..Feeling Crappy Again!

Hello and thank you. TT 3yrs ago. Was feeling fine on 125 Synthroid for a good while. Started to have symptoms of hyper (or so I thought) Endo lowered me to 112. Body feels exhausted again. Endo added Cytomel 2.5 (low dosage, history of anxiety, MVP)  After a week of change in how I feel. Latest labs aren't indicative to the switch of lowering to 112 because I was due for my labs and appt and was only on the 112 for 2 or 3 weeks. Didn't test the FREE's this time, but will in January. At least he is willing to test them and add Cytomel, if needed. Maybe i didn't need a dose change, after all? I'm confused.

Labs from April 2012..Feeling Good!

FT3- 3.02 range 1.76 to 3.78
FT4 1.63 range 0.7 to 1.9
TSH 0.239 range 0.400 to 4.000  

Labs from October 2012

Total T3 - 86 range 104 to 260
T Uptake 0.87 range 0.66 to 1.27
Total T4 - 7.6 range 4.5 to 12.0
TSH 0.256 range 0.400 to 4.000

Everything else is fine. B12, VitD, Cortisol, etc. I know the latest lab isn't accurate, but now I feel like crap again. Maybe I should've stayed on 125? TSH suppressed/history of kidney cancer)  
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I'm sure you have heard the old advice "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."   LOL  So what symptoms did you notice that made you decide to change the dosage?

Also, your labs from April were looking good.  Why did they not continue to test for Free T3 and Free T4, rather than the outdated tests for Total T3, T3 Uptake and Total T4?  You should make sure to get that straightened out.  

Please post those Vitamin D, B12 and Cortisol test results and reference ranges so we cal also assess them.  Have you had a ferritin test?  If not, please add that to your list of tests to be done.  If so, please post result and reference range.

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Thanks for your reply, Gimel. To answer your question...It just started to feel like I was in overdrive? Wasn't sleeping, Psoriasis is worse than it ever was and I've had it since I was 9! Funny thing is, when I had TT, it ALL went away for the 1st time in my life. Endo told me not to get excited because it was all going to come back once I was "regulated." I couldn't pinpoint anything that would make it worse than ever (another reason why I thought I was hyper) stress, diet, etc changed so I thought maybe the med dosage. Also, I'd get a fast heart rate, diarrhea, etc. I don't know..maybe I should've  stayed on the 125, it just seemed like things were changing, if you will?
Also, I don't have the Cortisol test handy..I have so many papers. It was done within the year. I did a 24hr urine and a 24hr saliva. He said they were normal? As far as not testing the Free's this time? He doesn't do it unless I speciafically ask and I thought I made myself clear the last time. Oversight on my part..that WON'T happen again.

VitB12 - 705 ...range 200-900
VitD - 47 range 30 to 100
Ferritin - 70  range 10 to 250

Thank you!  
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