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Hi All- TGIF - Good Article - HypOthyroid/Zinc
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Hi All- TGIF - Good Article - HypOthyroid/Zinc

Morning everyone. Happy Friday

Just thought I would share this article/newsletter with you on zinc abnormalities/depletion /floride consumption and thyroid disease Its very interesting to see the effects of our hard mineral needs and how they play a huge role in our thyroid conditions.

Zinc mostly works with our liver and is very helpful with conversion hormones as T4 thyroid hormone converts to T3. This could be some issues so many face with conversion when taking only a T4 medication like Synthroid is if something is lacking with zinc. That could be the missing link in itself!

Always... always remember - hard mineral supplementation is something to always pay close attention to. Minerals like zinc are NOT water soluable and can be toxic if you take too much. Taking hard minerals - thinking there is a deficiency, unlike vitamins ( which are eliminated in urine if the body has enough) must be tested to see where your levels of wellness should be.

Zinc is also a huge supporter that many don't realize is a main souce of fighting for our immune system. When hypothyroid (especially) colds,flu and sickness set in. Our condition depletes our immune system so these bugs and viruses have quicker access into our systems and we do find colds are more common for us and last much longer. Usually Vit C is always looked at as a source to fight these colds - but in reality - zinc play a huge role for hypothyroidism - more so than the C vitamin will.

If floride is consumed more - especially in water - it will deplete the healthy zinc levels ( w/ Iodine too) and you may find your water running from your tap is not really that beneficial for your thyroid as once thought.

Zinc, copper and magnesium work hand in hand - that is why you see complex mineral supplements available together in one bottle.

Take a look at this link if you are maybe looking for some reason why you could be having issues with your thyroid medication or if you are looking for possible reasons why you even developed your condition in the first place. This could be something to take to your doctor and discuss at your next visit.

Happy Spring! - I hope you all are having nice weather coming and look forward to great sunshine soon.

Happy Health!


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opps.. try this.
Thanks for the info Stella!!! Happy Spring to you too!  :)
Good article! Gonna order some zinc right now! Thanks!
Thanks Stella --- when I had the micronutrient test last fall, one of the things I was  deficient in was zinc and I've also had a conversion issue and had to go on a T3 med (cytomel)..............A couple of months ago, I began taking a zinc supplement only a couple days/week because zinc is not water soluble and can build to toxic levels.  

Earlier this week, I got back my latest lab results as follows

TSH           < 0.03             don't worry about that              LOL
FT3               366              range 230-420
FT4               1.4               range 0.8-1.8

TPOab           110              range < 35            

I'm still tired a lot, but as a good friend pointed out recently, that's probably not from thyroid, but because I've been running myself ragged.......I have to agree with that because sometimes life takes over and we have to do what we have to do..  

I haven't felt this good in years.............I can actually get through the day without the overwhelming need to nap --- well, most days...........
Boing boing! Happy Spring!

I must mention the first thing I noticed on the link is there is a person asking about Liquid colloidal silver.... oooooooeeeerrrr... I shuddered! There is a man who took it and was taking the wrong dose and now he is a Smurf!

The moral is we all need to be careful what we ingest!
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