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High Cortisol and Hypothyroidism?
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High Cortisol and Hypothyroidism?

  I am very confused.  I have been experiencing symptoms of Hypothyroidism but my labs came back in the "normal range.  My doctor checked my am and pm cortisol level and both were high.  Is there a relationship between hypothyroidism and cortisol levels?    I am providing my lab results, with some hope tat you can provide me with some clarification.

TSH  2.69  uIU/mL                                                             0.450-4.500

T3 Uptake 20 (LOW)                                                               24-39

T3  165    ng/dl                                                                      71-180

Thyroxine (T4) 9.6      ug/dl                                                  4.5-12.0

Thyroglobulin, QN        38.8 ng/mL                                      0.5-55.0    

Thryroxine T4 Free  0.88   ng/dl                                           0.82-1.77      

Cortisol -AM 33.5 ug/dL      (HIGH)                                      6.2-19.4

Cortisol-PM 14.7 ug/dL        (HIGH)                                      2.3-11.9                                                              
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I don't see the TPOab antibody test (thyroid peroxidase) for Hashimoto's, the most common marker for Hashimoto's disease. Most hypothyroidism cases in developed countries (90 percent) are due to Hashi.

Yes, the adrenals are related to the thyroid gland. If your thryoid isn't producing enough hormone, the adrenals kick in, producing cortisol to give you extra energy. Eventually, those poop out as well, and you're in even more misery. Here's a good link on adrenal fatigue. BTW - The 24 hour saliva test is more accurate. It's a good idea to measure adrenal activity throughout the day.

Here's the link:

Your FT4 and T3 uptake is low, hypothyroid. Your TSH is a pituitary hormone and not always reliable. Don't let a doc treat or diagnose you based on TSH. Besides, my TSH was exactly at your level last year and the docs said I was fine. Well, it turned out my TPO was very high. We still don't know your TPO numbers. Many Hashis, like me, will have normal TGab and high TPO.

Get your TPO, and a repeat of the FT4. Also FT3 is very important and more reliable marker for thyroid hormone production. Get a thyroid ultrasound to see what's going on inside.

You will need a good doctor who can treat your adrenals as well. I am on homeopathic adrenal treatment and doing MUCH better. I see a homeopathic doctor (chiropractor) for that as my endo just didn't know how to diagnose or treat my adrenals, though he does a fabulous job treating my thyroid levels.

:) Tamra
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