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High TSH levels
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High TSH levels

My TSH level is 4.92, does that mean that what I am taking now, levoxil 112mg is too high or too low. It is very confusing. I have a list of all my symptoms that I could list but i'm sure you  have an idea of what they are, I was put on Propranolol 20 mg for high blood pressure but have done research and found that a low thyroid function can cause high blood pressure that is hard to regulate with medication.
Explain to me high TSH and if medication dosage needs to be raised or lowered, and also is Levoxil a good medication or would synthroid be better, I have taken both and thought that sythroid helped more than levoxil. I have been to family doctors and they have told me that they know nothing about TSH and the last time I was in to the doctor the nurse read the blood work and said you are a little high but you are fine
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4.92 is hypo thyroid - which means your meds should be upped in their mcg's. Remember

"higher TSH - need higher med mcg -

Lower  TSH  need lower med mcg. "

Blood pressure can be effected with hypo T

I think you are taking the generic form of Synthroid right?  I think it is wise to stick to "Synthroid" and if you need to - pay a bit more for the name . Go back to Synthroid.

You are a bit high - normal reference range now as it has been updated could be .3 to 3.0 some doctors even go as high as 5.5. I think the "feel" good mark is 1.0 to 1.5 so you are high for me at my feel good range.

Yours could be a bit smaller or bigger than my feel good numbers - but I would bet your 4.92 is too high right now for you to feel good.
Since you are taking thyroid meds, your target TSH should be between 1 and 2. This is what endocrinologists recommend.
You need to ask for a dose increase or get to an endo.
You can still have symptoms with your TSH level.

Levoxy and Synthroid are both brand names.
If you felt better on Synthroid, you should go back to it.
I tried Levoxyl once and it did nothing for me. I went back to Synthroid with positive effects. You should go back on it (Synthroid) if it's working better for you and not switch again. Your test results mean you need more medicine. It doesn't sound like you are seeing the right doctor. He knows too little. "Shop around" for a new doctor. An endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in hormonal imbalances. I have seen other doctors before for my thyroid problem, but I've had the best help with my  Endocrinologist.
Good luck-
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